How to Get Blog Traffic from StumbleUpon – 7 Working Tips

How to Get Blog Traffic from StumbleUpon – 7 Working Tips

StumbleUpon is a famous discovery engine which helps us to discover new websites in the world-wide web. StumbleUpon helps a lot for the newbie bloggers who need more true and regular readers for their blogs. If a new post or page is submitted to StumbleUpon it starts suggesting it to its users who are stumbling in the same niche to which  the article has been submitted from its community of 10 million users .I as a newbie blogger has benefited a lot by StumbleUpon because it has given my blog around 1.4k visitors in a day even when my blog is just 2 months old. So I suggest StumbleUpon to every newbie blogger who like to showcase his blog to rest of the world. Now if you have decided to start stumbling then you must know these tips to get blog traffic from StumbleUpon.

First Things First:

The very first thing you need to do is to submit your blog post or page to stumble upon and work on remaining tips and I guarantee that you will get good amount traffic from SU.

Be Active:

StumbleUpon expects you to be an active user in their community to drive traffic to your discoveries. You can be active by discovering websites i.e. stumbling and reviewing the websites by giving thumbs up or thumbs down. It suggests its users your discoveries based on the activity of your StumbleUpon account. So I suggest you to become an active stumbler to get more traffic from StumbleUpon.

Ask For A Thumbs Up:

After submitting your post to SU it first tests by driving a few users to your site and if your post gets thumbs up from some of these users then your content will be suggested to many more. So if you are a newbie blogger you can ask your friends to give some thumbs up for your content in the first days so that your content will be exposed to many others.

Your account can also be assumed to be active if you use their URL shorten service which provides you with a short URL. If you share any URL which is shortened using service then if anyone clicks on it they will be redirected to your page through StumbleUpon domain and even has a StumbleUpon toolbar. Users may easily like your site even if they haven’t installed the SU toolbar.

Follow A Few:

Follow few people in its 10 million user community who belongs to your niche so that you can share your discoveries with them directly to their inbox by sharing it and if they like, your content may get thumbs up which will be an added advantage for you in driving traffic.

SU Badge Helps You:

You can add a StumbleUpon badge on your website so that your readers will know about your SU profile and may follow you. Once you have good number of followers belonging to your niche, you can  update them about your posts and can get good reviews.

Your Choice:

These are the few tips which I used and got positive results. If you know any other tips please let us know them so that we can update this 7th tip.

You can follow the author at StumbleUpon. I recommend you to read an article to get more traffic from Twitter.

6 thoughts on “How to Get Blog Traffic from StumbleUpon – 7 Working Tips”

  1. Wow, you did well quickly on StumbleUpon! I’m having a bit of success, but sadly not to your extent 🙂 I’ll keep plodding on though…

  2. I have gained PR2 but it has been a month and there is no change in my alexa as well as google rank.
    btw good content on your website..i will follow things from here and will post the results.


  3. Hi. Really nice tips here. I also use Stumbleupon to boost traffic on my blog. I have few posts that have given me thousands of traffic from the site. All we have to do is to share interesting contents.

  4. I really like the tips and do agree with the tips for keeping your profile active.
    Just creating a profile and often do visit and making some comments on it doesn’t take you to top of the world nor make you familiar among your network.

    I am an SEO expert and currently working for a SEO company .I can realize how important a profile is.

  5. Forgive what may be a really stupid question but how do you suggest a page to Stumbleupon? I see endless ways to review and rate other people’s suggestions, but I haven’t stumbled upon the secret to adding my page to their discovery engine.

  6. Thanks for your great post.

    In my opinion, content is always king.

    Your blog shoul have valuable content so that people once visit your site will visit again in future => 2x traffic

    Moreover, they will tell about your blog to their friends, and their friends visit your blog, they get valuable informatin,… and so on => many times x traffic


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