7 Tools to Secure your Mobile Phone Device

Mobile phones, the ultimate gadget in this wireless and busy world. And with this much reach your phone has also made some enemies that are always there to harm your phones data either by installing malicious codes or by some sort of physical attacks.

Every time you connect your phone to the computer to transfer your images or share something , you are just opening yourself to a host of malicious coding. Also now whenever you turn on your bluetooth, there may be someone  trying bluesnarfing on your device.

So below, I have given a list of some tools to secure your mobile phone device up to some extent.

Hide photos and videos

Well today hardly anyone uses a mobile phone without a camera, and with brands like Nokia and Samsung offering cameras with 3 to 12 megapixel they are actually bridging the gap between a cell phone and a digital camera.  We alllove to click pictures of ourselves and our loved ones and would cherish to keep them with us on the go but seldom we want someone else to take a hold of them from our cellphones to misuse them , to safeguard your cell phone from this misery here’s the apps that may help.


Bulambod is an unbreakable cipher software . The only way to crack it is by brute force. But it will take so much time that you will regret doing it. In cryptography terminology cipher is an algorithm that performs encryption and decryption operations on any given information or data. All you need to do is to select the file you need to encrypt and then choose a password and then Bulambod will do the rest. There is no length of password so you can make it really difficult for someone to crack it.

Download Bulambod : http://bit.ly/cQDRLM

PictureEncrypter if you need to encrypt your images you can use this. This application lets you Zip your images and assign a password to it. To view your image, all you need to do is type the password and it will let you have your image.

visit website: http://bit.ly/b8DE3h

Download PictureEncrypter : http://bit.ly/bNy6ed

PrivateCallandSmsGuard use this application to hide and password protect access to messages. Since the main function of a mobile phone is to make voice calls and messaging,with these two features secure you can have a sound sleep that your phine is secure. for this you can use this application. This application lets you personalize your phone by assigning rules to call. You can individually set rules to accept or reject calls , this way you don’t have to bother whose call to receive and whose not. The same can be done for messages. encryption of messages can also be obtained with the use of another app called Blender xxTea edition.

Download PrivateCallandSmsGuard : http://bit.ly/9a23f8

Download Blender xxTea edition : http://bit.ly/doVbQz

Mobile Antivirus : well there are many mobile antiviruses in the market most of them by the makers of the PC antivirus suites. Norton, Kaspersky,all have there editions of mobile antivirus , but you’ll have to buy them to use them , yes they do offer a trial download. For those searching for a free alternative they can  opt for Netqin. Netqin is really a good antivirus for mobiles and you should not judge it by the fact that its free,you must try it. Fsecure offers perhaps the best security in the category of paid ones it serves as a anti theft app, anti-spyware,and firewall, it even offers real time protection.

Download Netqin: http://bit.ly/aFa7BA

Download Fsecure : http://bit.ly/c6S1VH

Hide contact list: Mobile phones hold our personal details and contacts to such an extent tah today we need to protect them. To cater such a need of yours is the application Hidden contacts by Tektronic SRL. With this app loaded you can assign a password to select contactson your list. Not just this it also sends your message directly to the contact without storing them in your default sent items folder.

Download Hidden contacts by Tektronic SRL: http://bit.ly/aEism6

Theft Protection: One of the biggest problems these days is of phone theft. We have all heard of technologies like mobile tracker and all being implemented by mobile phone manufacturers. But what if your phone is not that sophisticated to have one of these technologies. Well then you can use Phone Guardian this application works by auto locking your phone in case it is stolen all you need to do is to send a SMS to lock it. With the latest version you can even track your phone with its GPS module. But remer don’t forget your password or else you won’t be able to get you phone back in case it gets locked.

Download Phone Guardian: store.ovi.com/content/7996

Filter spam messages : as if spams were not causing enough trouble in our emails they are now present as messages also. One app that verry well effective in controlling this is SMS Spam Manager . All you need to do is to set the rules for blocking the SMS. You can either choose the number from which the message originates or you can either choose a phrase that appears in the message. This feature is quite interesting cause suppose your telecom operator keeps sending you SMS on love and beauty tips or astrology and you don’t want those messages instead of blocking that number , cause your cell phone bill originates from the smae number you can choose a phrase or keyword to block such messages. Having said all this  don’t worry if something accidentally gets blocked just like the spam folder in your mail you have all your blocked messages stored in your spam folder where messages gets deleted automatically after a certain time-line.

Download SMS Spam Manager : http://bit.ly/99tojg

Well, remember the beast and the ultimate tool for security of your phone is your carefulness, so make sure you are quite careful in handling your phone and its data.

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