How to Get Targeted Traffic from Twitter – 7 Working Tips

How to Get Targeted Traffic from Twitter – 7 Working Tips

Maximize Traffic Return from Twitter

Blogging is fun but there is no use of it if you don’t get readers and traffic. Without traffic, any blog would crumple. No matter how much money you may spend on content, themes and SEO but if your content is not getting attention from the crowd, you are doomed to run an ‘unsuccessful blog’.

get targeted traffic from twitter

Now you must know that most blogs initially are not placed high enough in search engines and that is the reason why most of search engine visitors don’t find your content.

With blog count redoubling every six months, the competition to rank high in search engines would become even stiffer. So, what is the solution to this initial barrier of blogging?

The answer is in two words – Social Media.

Social Media is angelic for blogs because it doesn’t matter to people visiting your sites from social networks whether your blog is 2-year-old or 1 day old and that is the reason why targeting social media traffic is one of the most profitable uses of internet.

How can you get targeted traffic from Twitter with just 7 useful tips?

Twitter is growing rapidly and so are other social networks but today I am going to share with you tips to boost your traffic using twitter.

1) Always write good content because if your content is not intriguing, if it doesn’t solve the purpose then your content won’t get any notoriety on web.

2) Never scrape off content from other blogs, you may take the idea but never try to post line by line exact copies. Readers often get missed with blogs using old or copied content and therefore may never come back to your blog.

3) Use Twitter Effectively, Start following people in your niche. Try to follow people from lists create by users. For example, if you want to make a social network from Bloggers in India, there is a list made by Technoskillonline that compiles nearly 400 Indian Bloggers.

4) Now while tweeting make sure your title is interesting. Let’s take the example of the post I am writing at the moment.

The title here is ‘Maximize Twitter in 7 Simple Steps’ but on twitter it should much more interesting like ‘7 Ways to Drive Potential Subscribers using Twitter’ or ‘7 Unbeatable Success Principles in Using Twitter’.

5) The better your content looks, the more your readers get intrigued to read it from top to bottom therefore format your content wisely.

6) Use hash tags in your post content and let the world know you have written something and not just your friends and followers.

7) If you are using WordPress, you can use Tweet Old Post Plugin to tweet your old blog post to your followers; this has helped me increase my traffic from twitter almost 400%. It is a really nice tool; also does the same thing but is limited to the upcoming blog posts.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to maximize traffic return and potential subscribers from Twitter Social Networking Website.

Please share your experience with Twitter Traffic too.

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