For years now Apple products has been a symbol of design superiority, or atleast that’s the way they were marketed. We have seen people sleeping and standing in long queues at Apple stores to buy Apple products immediately after release, even though they are highly priced compared to their counterparts.

But here we give more than 70 reasons why you should not buy any Apple product.

1. Apple products cost you an Arm, a Leg, and your 32 teeth

Costly Apple Comics
65k price for a 16GB phone seriously ? Apple products come at a premium price tag that only a few can afford to pay. Just take any Apple product be it iPhone, iPad, MacBook and compare it with a non-Apple product of the same segment,at the same price you can buy 2 products (or maybe 3) with same specifications. And it doesn’t end here there is no option of customization, Apple would tell you what you get for your hard earned money you don’t get to chose what you need.Just a Prank going around in Social Media these days :Apple iPhone6 is available in India for approx Rs.65k.
Other great option:
Bangkok return ticket: 18k
2 Nights Hotel Stay: 10k
Meals: 4K
Massage: 3K
Shopping: 11k
Misc: 2K
Savings: 17K
Come back to India and buy any Xiaomi mi3, MOTO G, Asus Zenfone 5, Micromax Nitro, Sony C, Nokia 720 or Oppo.
You still have 2-3k left for 2 bottles of Jack Daniels at the Duty Free!

2. Gaming sucks on Mac

Gaming on a Mac
Gaming on a Mac

Admit it MacBooks are the worst nightmare of a gamer. And most importantly the Operating system is not compatible with a vast majority of titles.

3. You can get larger screen and same specs for cheaper

big screen phoneRemember Steve Jobs quoting that ‘No one is going to buy a Big Phone’, and now look at iPhone6 + . The above image is what Samsung Tweeted about the launch of iPhone6 Plus. iPhone 6 plus with its larger than life screen is trying to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the large screen segment.

4.Apple Technology is not revolutionary or innovative anymore

Apple specs are bogusApple users have been living under the pseudo belief that all the latest Tech comes first in Apple products and later the trend is followed by other manufacturers. News Update just look at the specs comparison chart above Google Nexus had all the features of iPhone 6 years before and that too at a very decent price tag.

5. I have to use iTunes

itunesI am pretty sure iTunes was designed by Satan. You can NOT perform a simple task as transferring media to your device without iTunes. Another reason to hate iTunes is that how often it would hang and freeze my whole system.Perhaps if Apple never made iTunes I would have loved Apple products, but iTunes and Apple forcing its users to use it every time you want to poke your nose or sneeze is a big reason why using Apple products is anything but pleasant.

6. DRM content


7. I can not share my books or music with anyone.

8. India does not have an Apple store yet.

9. Low income people have a more discerning eye.

10.The apps are paid.

11. No expandable memory.

12. No room for customization

tumblr_lr4xrdL9Ja1qc8p5213. No multitasking, what a waste.

14. How in the hell do you Right Click.

15. Apple is for editors/ photographers/ fanboys only

Apple devices are not for everyone. Yes they offer a good experience if you are an Editor, photographer or a designer but other than that you would always be left struggling to find more.I hope Adobe stops Creative Suite for Macs and Apple will lose all its customers.

16All the OS update features are not available in older models

iphone-6-meme-317. No virus on Mac because Mac is based on Linux.

Who would want to code a malware for such a closed ecosystem.

18. A7 chip is not Apple’s own chip.

Apple sold its soul when it switched to Intel. Apple widely advertises its custom made CPU chips powering its “Trash-can” devices, but here is the breaking news. Apple didn’t make them, and guess who is the manufacturer of A7 chips, yes its Samsung.

19. Apple is a cult.

In a way I don’t actually hate Apple, it’s just that when people buy an Apple product they go insane. Most of time you could see them as “OMG!!! this is so cool why would you get android when iOS is so much better” and believe me if you asked them what’s so ‘cool’ about it they would have no idea. Apple is much like a cult ,nothing wrong with it, but hey! don’t try to influence everyone into it.

20. Apple is a patent troll.

apple-we-totally-invented-slide-to-unlockApple has this habit of patenting just about everything. The patent war between Samsung and Apple saw much more media coverage than their products itself. Just think about what would have happened if Henry Ford had patented all four wheelers.

21. Need to jailbreak to unlock advanced functionality.

Apple hardware has a lot of features but what use it’s all locked. You will have to jailbreak your device to unlock most of the advanced features. And the worst part jailbreakeing voids Warranty. Read our Guide about Jailbreak

22. The Apple store policies are authoritarian and restrictive

23. A wall charger is not included, Apple charges too much for this “accessory”

24. I can buy a netbook for the price of an iPad which will let me do 10x more things

25. Apple is no good after Steve Jobs

26. Apple does not offer international warranty in India

27. Mac users act elitist because they are a minority

28. Only for those who have no intention of upgrading.

There is absolutely no way that you can customize your device once you have bought it. So forget any upgrades.

29. It does not have FM radio

So if you love to listen to those tunes streaming on your favorite radio shows then SORRY, cause Apple only wants to serve you with their own music, No FM radio.

30. Only 1GB of RAM,

Even a 3K Smartphone has 1GB RAM why pay 65 K for it

31. Faster processor on phones? For What?

32. Apple maps does not have turn by turn navigation

apple-maps-iphone-memeApple maps were the biggest PR disaster that Tim Cooks had to face. The maps when released to compete with Google maps showed valleys in between highways, cities missing and much more as if maps were drawn after the Armageddon had hit us.

33. Be wise regarding tech.

Just because something is hyped around the internet does not mean that its worth your money. Always be a smart buyer. Think what your needs are, not just what you can buy. Read this Guide about making your buying decisions.

34. You need to pay $70 just to get a photo management application (iPhoto)

35. If apple does not bring new innovation/concept into the game instead of increasing screen size, it will become the victim of “no empire lasts forever”

apple1Just have a look at the media coverage of the Apple products this year and of the same two years back. Apple launch events were once the events that everyone looked forward to see what the future of technology holds, now its just how Apple is trying to follow the footsteps of its rivals.After the success of The Three Little Pigs short movie, Walt Disney said You can not defeat a Pig by a Pig, and never repeated The Three little Pigs even after so much demand, he kept innovating.Apple maybe the richest and biggest technology for now but must remember that so was once Nokia in Mobile Handset market, which saw its doom by the hands of Apple itself. As with Blackberry, unless Apple is able to keep pace with the latest innovations in the market place while abandoning their walled garden approach, I think they are going to become the victim of “no empire lasts forever”

36. Apple steals Ideas and then Sues everyone

steve jobs quotes
Now one thing that i do like about this ‘fruit company’ Apple, is that how shamelessly they would steal ideas from the open source community and would then sue anyone they can to stop progress. Many a times the most beloved features originated from the jailbreak community.

37. Your Computer is our ComputerApple. Can at any time wipe out your apps or media.

38. They stole the Mouse from Xerox.

39. You can not Remove the Battery

40. They would present False Statistics

image-iPhone-6-A8-processorGSM arena iPhone 6 A8 GPU benchmark
Do the Maths that’s not even close to 5%.

41. Apple is Ugly

Yes that is not a typing error. I said it.  Apple iPhone 6 is Ugly. I still remember those fine simple straight edges of iPhone, iPhone 6 took it away. Perhaps Steve Jobs would have died again if he saw this design of iPhone. Don’t believe us read what Forbes has to say :

42. iPhone 6 has Protruding Camera and Plastic Bands

The Protruding Camera makes it wobble when used without a case.

43. Why buy an apple watch when you can make your own


44. Apple is for Rich Kids with No Brains

A 4k Video recording app for iphone 5s is just $999.99. Read 4K video recording app for iPhone 5s now available, costs $999.99 – GSMArena Blog. We had some doubts about the authenticity of the clown who bought the $999.  I’m Rich iPhone app, but Armin Heinrich-the German author of the application-has confirmed that not only one moron, but eight dumbasses actually bought the application.- Gizmodo

45. You need atleast 5.5GB disk space free to update your device

46. I would buy a phone with Bigger Battery than a phone with Slim body

Apple and its Battery issues read more about them and how to fix them

47. Curved corners make iPhone6 more slippery and easier to drop

48. Just 8MP camera

49. iPhone 6 have same display pixel density as earlier iPhone

50. NFC functionality limited to Apple Pay only


51. No wireless charging

52. No stereo speakers

53. No USB Mass Storage mode, iTunes required for file transfers

Even Nokia 2730 had USB Mass Storage mode to transfer files easily.

54. No 32GB version

By not offering the users a choice of 32GB models the user is forced to upgrade to 64 GB model. A 32 GB model would have been cheaper.

55. It Bends #bendgate

bendgateWhy would i buy a phone that bends in my pocket ? Apple has been facing a lot of criticism over this iPhone bending issue.

56. Justin Beiber Uses iPhone

57. Useless default camera app

58. Doesn’t play all formats by default

59. Don’t use iTunes to get music, I use Spotify.

60. Chrome is better than Safari

61. Voice Memos , better use Evernote

62. Compass why the hell that app exists in first place

63. For every app that Apple makes there exists 2 or maybe 3 better third party apps

64. Apple Mail NO GMail is far better. Where the F*** is threaded email.

65. Google Calender vs iCal

66. Google Now is better than Siri

67. For every app that Apple has, there exists better alternatives in Android ecosystem

68. Apple is very arrogant when it comes to addressing customer complaints

69. Even the iPod/iTunes advert was stolen from Lugz Shoes’ Fall 2002 commercial

ipod ad
Several years ago, Apple ran a commercial for the iPod that looked incredibly similar to one produced by Lugz shoes.

70. Apple is the reason for downgrade of Finland’s Economy

Finland’s two biggest industries were paper manufacturing and cell phones, led by the Nokia. A decade later, both industries are in trouble — and as the country’s prime minister suggested in a recent interview, Apple might be to blame in both cases. “One could say that the iPhone killed Nokia and the iPad killed the Finnish paper industry, but we’ll make a comeback,” Prime Minister Alexander Stub iPad Air 2  the speaker vibrates

71. iPad Air 2 the speaker vibrates
So you make a device so thin that now it can not perform the basic functions of playing the music right

72. The iBuds don’t sound good

The iBuds are not worth the money I would pay for the phone. They are of mediocre quality and not of good standard. And certainly not close to what Apple promises them to be.

5 thoughts on “70+ Reasons never to buy an Apple product

  • November 19, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    mate this is too long will read later but seems funny to me

  • November 19, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    apple product are good i will still buy

  • November 1, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    lol, funny post, you don’t know shit

    • November 11, 2014 at 5:42 am

      Let me guess, you’re an apple fanboy? YEP.

    • November 22, 2014 at 12:33 am

      The whole Point here is that there are Good Alternatives to Apple in every category….. the humor makes it less brain taxing to understand


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