8 Effective Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

8 Effective Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

In this article I will tell you 8 effective ways through which you can drive traffic to your blog, It dosen’t matter if you are one of best bloggers in the world or have just started blogging you will still be looking for some new ways to drive traffic to your blog. Here are 8 effective ways to get traffic to your blog:

1.Keyword Research Keyword research is the first step you need to take in order to get organic traffic to your blog, There are lots of tools used for Keyword research such as AdWords Keyword Tool, Try to find keywords with good amount of searches and low competition as its not easy to rank for highly competitive keywords

2.Content is king I know that you might be tired and sick of hearing it, but its true if you don’t have a good content than no amount of traffic is going to help you, If you are posting unique content people will link to you and links and SEO fuel and will definitely increase your traffic

3.Link exchanges Link exchanges can be very if you want to increase your traffic, but search engines do not pay attention to reciprocal links, so try to get as much one way links as possible and also make sure that the website that is linking to you is using a anchor text for which you want to rank for.

4.Directory Submission You can submit your blog to popular directory submission websites such as blogcatalog.com or blogtoplist.com and many more to get traffic to your blog also make sure not to link back to these directories because as I told you before that google does not pay much attention to reciprocal links

5.Blog Commenting Commenting on blogs is a great way to drive traffic to your blog, Make sure you leave a good comment and at the end of the comment leave a link to your original website, There is a nice plugin called Comment luv which links back to your blog automatically by placing a link to their last blog post at the end of your comment, so its a good idea to search for blogs having comment luv plugin

6.Submitting your RSS Feed You can submit your RSS feed to RSS feed directories to get massive traffic to your blog, some of the popular RSS Feeds directories are as follows: feedage.com/ Feedest.com Blogoculars.com 2RSS.com RSSaround.com BLOGBal.com Plazoo.com Page2go2.com Feedooyoo.com

7.Forums Forums are an excellent source of traffic, Try finding a forum related to your niche, Remember that one hit of quality traffic is often worth as much as a few hundred hits from a non-quality source

8.Social Bookmarking You can submit your articles to popular social bookmarking websites such as digg.com, reddit.com, stumbleupon.com etc, Alternatively you can use an online tool can onlywire, onlywire can sumbit your links to over 24 social bookmarking directories Hope you liked my post ! pass the comments

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