9 Proven Ways To Get More Subscribers To Your Blog

I often see people struggling to get more subscribers to their blog. All I can say to them is “The more the people in your list, the greater the response you get”. But let me add, it’s going to be the toughest part if you’ve just started building lists.

When I started my blog, I wasn’t actually fully aware of list building strategies. I blogged for seven months without having a single subscriber and I didn’t bother then, though. Later, on of my friend suggested me to have email subscribers and from the day I started email marketing, my traffic is up in air. But I say, one must really work hard until his subscriber list hits a century and just keep noticing you traffic, it’s going to increase like hell. So let me explain you some of proven methods, that can really increase your subscriber count.


Quality Content

Readers are more specific these days; they’ve a bunch of articles in their hands related to only a single topic. So don’t give them a choice, give them a reason- why they should subscribe to your list. Write quality posts and add your subscribe form at the end of the post. If people find it interesting enough, I’m sure they’ll subscribe to your list. .

Make It Simple

In this busy world, where life is running faster than a train, how can one subscribe to your blog, if you’ve a form longer than a VISA application form?  So, all that matters here is nothing but ease. Have a simple yet attractive form. Don’t use any Re-captcha; it’ll become complicated, so rather let it be fun.

Give Them A Reason

Most of blog readers aren’t fully aware of happenings on your blog, until they see something promoting it. So don’t step back in asking your blog readers. Tell them your subscriber list is going to be fun and they can read all of your blog posts on their email itself. But don’t make them feel uncomfortable by asking too many times. I suggest having a subscription form under every post of your blog.

Dig Your Popular Posts

Every blog have few posts which rank top and get huge traffic to their blog. So get the most of them. Let your readers know, what they’ve missed. Add few lines of description above and below that post to let all the people from search engines know about your blog and subscribe it.

Offer Them Something More

This is the most working strategy in building your email list. When you’ve some ebook/product for your blog readers, offer those only to your subscribers. Place a banner on your blog about this thing and ask them to subscribe. I’m sure they’ll subscribe if you build a brand for your blog.  Though it doesn’t matter a lot, make the ebook/product look attractive enough.


Engage With Your Readers

Spend some time in engaging with your blog subscribers. Tell them that you are free to help if they’re struck in anything related to your niche. If you already have a huge list, you can limit to one question per reader. And do let your on-page blog readers about this, ask them to subscribe and reply with their query. This can really bring more subscribers to your blog.

Comment On Other Blogs

Blog commenting is one of the most successful and proven method to get traffic and backlinks (sometimes) to your blog and don’t forget to use an Avatar. If you have an avatar while commenting on other blogs, people can actually recognize you as they see you quite a number of times.

Opt-in Blog Comments

Though it’s not strategy, it can at least bring few more subscribers. Some plug-ins can convert your blog commenters into your subscribers. But it’s really not a worth. Instead of Auto Opt-in, offer them to subscribe to your blog posts (Yes, you don’t need a subscription form here).

Get More Traffic

This is obvious- the more the traffic you get, the more the chances of getting more subscribers. So if you already get huge traffic, try to convert them into your subscribers and if your traffic is not to the mark, don’t worry. I’m soon going to write an article about getting viral traffic to your blog.

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