A Beginners Guide to Reddit – Using Social Media To Increase Website Traffic

Reddit very well claims to be “front page of the Internet.” It allows members to post links of online articles, pictures, videos and other multimedia.Reddit is known to increase your site’s traffic by many folds. Very often the site is looks quite confusing to use so here is a beginner’s guide to use Reddit to increase traffic to websites.

Reddit follows a very strict rules to avoid any spammer and thus you need to follow some basic guidelines to make sure that you are not banned as a spammer.Let’s begin our guide with creating an account.

Login / Register at Reddit:

Reddit register login

Login or registering an account at Reddit is quite simple all you need to do is to click on the Register link on the right hand corner and register a new account. You don’t need an E-Mail account to register with Reddit but then you must provide it cause it will ask for one later after a few submissions.

Submit a Reddit :

Front page submit redditAfter you have logged in if you are at home page the you’ll get something like the image above to submit a link. If you are on a sub-Reddit page then the link will be available at the bottom of the page.

Try not to submit a link at the main Reddit page or your message will get lost among thousands of other postings . It’s always better to select an appropriate Sub-Reddit to submit your link.

 Submitting To Reddit

Before submitting to Reddit or to a Sub-Reddit you must read Reddiquette which is an informal expression of Reddit’s community values as written by the community itself.

Here is how you can submit a link to  Reddit community:

Reddit submitThe screenshot above is the same as you’ll see when you are about to submit a link to Reddit.


Title would be automatically suggested if you click on the Suggest title button. However you may want to edit the title a bit to make it even more interesting and magnetic. Make sure that your title should not sound like a Spam.


URL is the link that you want to submit to Reddit.

Choose a Sub-Reddit or Reddit

A Sub-Reddit is a sub-section on Reddit which would be a collection of links of a particular genre.Like Sub-Reddit “programming“would contain links related to discussion and news about computer programming.

If you are submitting a link directly from the main Reddit then by default this entry would be filled in as “Reddit.com“. Make sure that you change that to some suitable Reddit if you are seriously serious about making some traffic for your site.

There are chances that when you submit a link to a Sub-Reddit they don’t immediately show your link, don’t panic some Reddit take time to show the links.

Submit to Reddit

Now correctly fill in the CAPTCHA code and click on submit button.

So now that you have submitted your first Reddit link its time to check if your submission was accepted and not marked as spam. Often because of too many links from the same site your links may be marked as spam. to check if your link was accepted or not do following;

Check if the submission was accepted or marked Spam

check submitted reddit linkClick on the Left hand corner link to the Sub-Reddit that you have submitted your link to. After that the main page of the Subreddit would appear.

Click on new Sub-redditClick on the NEW  link to view the latest links that have been submitted to the Sub-Reddit. If for some reason your link is not shown up there wait for around fifteen minutes and if still no success than ping the moderators about the issue.

Check for comments on your Reddit

You must engage the readers to your Reddit by commenting on others and your submitted links.

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