A quest to rule – Is Apple still in smartphone market lead?

A quest to rule – Is Apple still in smartphone market lead?

Apple has been one of the ruling manufacturers in the whole world for around a decade either it’s an iPhone magic or the oldie iPods. There is no doubt that competition from other manufacturer has risen so high now. Though it is still one of the top smartphone makers but its popularity has not been the same as it used to be.

If you are in the list of those avid Apple fan boys or more addicted user of their products; you would be in favor with the following statements:

  • Apple used to dominate the smartphone market earlier which now seems to be going under the earth as the Android smartphone market is picking high clouds. Though the latter is bringing the real things in still it hasn’t touched the top class Android in many things.
  • There is no doubt that Android market’s aggressive smartphone competition has made far greater strides than Apple in the last three years. This is one of the reasons Apple has lost its market somewhere.
  • The American company has got much of the fame in the game through the last three iPhones mainly the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C. The more percentage of fame was brought up by only iPhone 5 & 5S only though 5C’s cheapy popularity didn’t make it a more lovable by users.
  • Apart from mobiles, the company’s Mac Book products have been the best in their class and remained best for a while also. The quality and performance of Mac Book products have stolen the show for the American company since few years.
  • Getting to act together on mobiles and keeping superiority in making laptops will be much better for Apple to be in the race; otherwise the day will not be far away when the Apple logo will start disappearing.

After looking at the above five statements, I bet even the most vitriolic Apple mafia fan will be able to understand the deep truth of all the words in them. Thus, the need for Apple to do something earthshaking and game-changing isn’t just important, it’s downright vital!

Are you still a real fan of Apple or any other manufacturer has made you fall in love with their devices? Do you think too the American firm needs to come up with something really stunning? Don’t forget us to peep up your views in comments.

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