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Google Music Screenshot

The Details about Google Music (India)

The service can be accessed at The music collection (on the date of writing) includes  24 titles including some latest movies as well as classical offerings. The website doesn’t store the music itself, but streams it from other sites. Google has tie-up with website & Music label Sa Re Ga Ma. Now the question arises,  why would music companies allow free streaming of their copyrighted music?

The answer to the question is that the music companies get a share of revenue generated from the Google Adsense Ads displayed on the website’s page.

The tracks stream directly from other websites and are NOT downloadable, either directly or using extensions like Download Helper. Moreover, many more titles would be added to the collection in future. The site is presently a Labs product (which means it is in a testing phase).

Using the website is pretty simple, which merely involves selecting a movie, then selecting a song to start its playback.

However, there are some drawbacks, which I discuss here.

  • Only one song can be selected at a time, instead of an entire movie or all songs by an artist.
  • Inability to create, save and play songs using playlists, which means, one has to go back to the website every 5-6 minutes. This thing is good for publishers though, as they would get higher number of page views.
  • The present music library is too less for any Bollywood music fan.
  • Not all music labels have a tie-up with Google Music as of yet.

That said, there are many features that other Music streaming services (like offer and we would like Google Music to offer if it has to become numero uno in this space.

  • Playlists. As discussed above, a playlist are a must for a true music fan.
  • recommendations. A feature that tells users other songs that they may like based on their current listening could be great.
  • Lyrics. Another simple yet quite useful feature could be accompanying of lyrics with the music.
  • Integration with social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to share with the world, what a user is listening would eventually be an essential feature.
  • Extras like Artist Bio, Song History, etc would complete the listening experience.

Well, as of now, Google Music isn’t complete but it is still quite sufficient. As it is in its initial phase, we can expect a lot of improvements to happen there. Till then, just enjoy the music and ,yes, STOP PIRACY! SUPPORT ARTISTS!

One thought on “A Quick Look At Google Music (India)

  • October 28, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    Nice step taken by google . . . Now we don’t have to bother here and there . . .


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