Smart tab 3 bs Aakash tablet 2

Datawind has officially announced the launch of  upgraded version of Aakash Tablet, which has already created great storm in the tablet market because of its price. The upgraded version, Aakash Tablet 2 costs Rs 1,130 and is only available to students at this price. Right now Datawind is offering it for Rs. 4,499 to the masses. We have other tablets in this range such as Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade Tablet which costs almost the same price. So now, the question is whether the Aakash Tablet 2 or Ubislate 7ci is worth buying or not as we have other tablets available in this range.

Smart tab 3 bs Aakash tablet 2
Smart tab 3 vs Aakash tablet 2

Here is a list of features which compare both the tab in order to compare the features and determine the superiority:


Aakash tablet
Aakash tablet 2
Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade
Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade


Aakash Tablet 2 sports a 7 inch touchscreen while the Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade has a 7.1 inch touchscreen. Both the screens are responsive and have 800 x 480 pixels of resolution.


While Blade offers a sleeker design, the Aakash tablet 2 offer better designs than its previous version. It offers firm grip and has a new and sleeker look. The curved edges of both the tabs give them the perfect look. However, Aakash Tab 2 being an upgraded version wins the race from Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade.

Operating System

Both the tabs are Android device. Both of them run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)


While the Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade has a 1.2GHz Processor, the Aakash tablet 2 sports a Cortex A8 1GHz Processor. Both tablets look to have very similar processors, but their real world performance differ and Aakash tablet 2 wins this criteria too.


The Aakash Tablet 2 is far better than Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade when it comes to memory. It features a 4 GB of internal memory which is expandable up to 32 GB with a micro SD card slot. The same expansion can be done with Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade but, it has internal memory of 2.5 GB only. Both sport a RAM of 512MB.


The Datawind Aakash Tablet has Li- Ion 3200 mAh battery which lasts up to 4 -5 hours. The Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade has a Li Ion 2600mAh battery lasting for 6-7 hours. At this price of Datawind Tablet such a battery is highly appreciated.

Pros and cons

At such a low price and so many newly designed features, the Aakash tablet 2 has much to offer. It wins from the Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade with features such as SMS, MMS and SIM and phone functionality. The Aakash Tablet 2 allows access to Social Networking Services where as Karbonn lacks all these features. Aakash Tablet 2 holds a smaller battery life and little less processor. Rest it has all the features which are at par with Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade.


Datawind’s Aakash Tablet 2 supports connectivity of GPRS, Wi Fi, 2G, 3G, Bluetooth, USB, GPRS and WAP. It has 2 USB ports and HDMI port; where as Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade does not has GPRS. It supports Wi Fi connectivity, one USB port and HDMI port. It supports 3G via Dongle, while Akash tablet 2 supports USB 3G through modem.  Thus, here again Aakash Tablet 2 wins the battle as it provides better options of connectivity.


While Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade has a 1.3 MP front facing camera, Ubislate 7ci holds a VGA 0.3 MP front camera. Both cameras have digital zoom and video capture facility. Both support Multi Format music player with loud speakers as well as 3.5mm audio jack and many video formats but, Aakash Tablet 2 supports MP4, FLV and AVI. Both offer gaming facilities and allows video calling. While Akash Tablets gives you access to million of learning content designed by Sakshat Portal, Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade lacks this feature.


The Aakash Tablet 2 is priced at 1130 INR for the masses, however the price is much low for the students who cant afford digital studies. While the price of Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade comes at a price of 4702 INR. The price of the Aakash tablet 2 is its biggest achievement.


The biggest plus point of Ubislate 7ci is its reputation. There has been thousand of pre-order made for the tablet. However, the delay hampers the sales of the tablet. Hence the required number of orders needs to be fulfilled on time. However, Karbonn has no such pre-order demand in bulk, so it has a good track of delivery report. Though, Aakash Tablet 2 is not been delivered very punctually, yet it has not led down the demand of the product. It is still in vogue and very much demanded by the people and students.

My Verdict: Aakash Tablet 2 vs Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade

In respect to the price of both the tablets, Aakash tablet 2 wins the race as it is far cheaper than Karbonn Smart Tab 3 Blade. With the same number of features and more or less same specifications, there is no need to pay Rs. 4702 for a tablet which you can get for Rs. 1130. Hence, we should go for the most affordable app available in the world and enjoy its upgraded features.

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