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amazon store

Amazon, the world’s largest E-commerce giant has released a super cool offer for smartphone users. Yes the company has made the premium apps available for free download form their very own app store. However, the company had made this offer to boost the download rate and naturally to slow down the download rate of competitors like Google Play Store.

The Apps that the company has made available for free can run on any Android device according to their compatibility. The offer will remain alive only for 2 days and since the offer has started the links and news has been floating around the web here and there.

We also took a sneak peak into the store to check out what apps are free to download and we were amazed, as many premium apps and games were available there free to download with the latest updates version and also there is no risk of downloading a malware as these apps are verified by Amazon itself.

amazon free apps deals

Here is the list of the apps, that are available to download free from the Amazon’s App store and we recommend you not to miss the deal and grab it! Many softwares like apk leecher are available online to grab all the apk files and save them for later use.

  • Plex ($4.99)
  • Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek ($2.99)
  • Real Shanghai Mahjong ($2.20)
  • Sudoku 10’000 Plus ($2.49)
  • League of Heroes Premium ($2.99)
  • The Room Two (Kindle Tablet Edition – $2.99)
  • Lab PRO ($2.99)
  • PUZZINGO Puzzles (Pro Edition – $14.99)
  • Root Explorer ($3.99)
  • Loco Motors ($1.99)
  • CrossMe ($4.95)
  • CLARC ($4.99)
  • Dr. Panda’s Bus Driver ($2.99)
  • Pinball Deluxe Premium ($2.99)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ($2.99)
  • Card Wars – Adventure Time ($3.99)
  • Wedding Dash Deluxe ($0.99)
  • Dungeon Village ($4.50)
  • Ravensword: Shadowlands ($6.99)
  • AccuWeather Platinum ($2.99)
  • Travel Interpreter ($9.99)
  • MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook, English-French-German-Italian-Spanish ($9.99)
  • EZ Money Manager ($9.95)
  • acalendar+ ($3.99)
  • Jump Desktop (RDP & VNC – $9.99)
  • Notepad+ ($0.99)
  • Business Calendar ($4.99)
  • Splashtop Remote Desktop HD ($8.99)
  • 2Do: Todo List | Task List ($6.99)
  • MyBackup Pro ($4.99)
  • Pocket Informant 3 ($9.99)

The offer will expire tomorrow. Grab the best deals only with The Geek Daily.

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