We all are quite aware of the fact that it is somehow bit hard to text quickly on a smartphone, no matter what the screen size is. But, what if you get to know that someone has set a new record for speed texting? Your first reaction will be of amazement because you will find it hard to believe, but that is the reality. A teenager from Brazil has broken his own previous set record and created a new one. His name is Marcel Fernandes Filho and he used a Fleksy keyboard on a really large smartphone to get the record straight. He entered the Guinness Book of World Record in May for speed texting with a Samsung Galaxy S4. It didn’t happen just like that, instead he has trained a lot because this time he broke his own record with an iPhone 6. The regular iPhone users find it hard to lift the heavy iPhone 6 and type faster in that, but this boy made it look pretty easy.

An All New Record Set For Speed Texting On iPhone 6 Plus

When he first set a record in May, then many iPhone users were trying to break the record, but nobody was able to do that successfully. The key behind the whole issue is that Filho used the Fleksy keyboard, which is said to make typing things like LOL or 4Ever much swifter. But, it is believed that iOS didn’t allow that much of speed and that is the reason users of the iPhone were not able to break the record.

Set the record with Apple phone

Teenagers who have been crying over the issue that iPhone didn’t allow them so much speed while typing has to bite the dust because now this same very boy has broken his earlier record and set a new record with Apple iPhone 6. Previously, he took only 18.19 seconds to text a pretty long sentence, but earlier this month, he only took 17 seconds to type in the exact number of words and the exact same sentence. The sentence was not that simple, instead it had some tough words too, but still the teenager managed to do well. This 17 seconds timing includes the auto correct and the twitch that he has made.

His simple answer

When he was asked, how he managed to do much faster on iPhone 6 even when this phone is considered to be on the heavier side, then he replied that it may be due to the screen size along with the responsiveness of the touch screen as well. He accomplished this amazing feat in New York, but the only thing is that, how many times he had attempted before he finally broke the record was not mentioned anywhere.

Some hiccups involved

Many say that he must have memorized the whole sentence and that is the reason it was easier for him to type in the sentence so fast. No matter, what others think, the fact remains that he has set an all new record for others to beat.

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