Android 4.2 Features: Photo Sphere, Multi-User, Gesture Typing & More

Got the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update in your Android phone? Wait, there is more! Android 4.2 is available.

Due to the infamous Hurricane Sandy, Google had to cancel its special Nexus event, but all the unveilings were done anyway. Google introduced the Nexus 7 32GB variant, Nexus 10 32GB and a much awaited GSM version of the Nexus 7. Guess what was common with all of these? The answer is Android 4.2, which again is being called Jelly Bean.

With the project butter and enhanced notification like features in Android 4.1, it was feeling complete, so what is now left to upgrade? Lets see!

Photo Sphere Camera — Takes Panorama to a new level

PhotoShpere Camera

This is basically an upgrade to the usual panoramic shots that we shoot with our Android phone’s camera. In the Android 4.2 camera app, there is an option called the Photo Sphere Camera which lets you stitch images from multiple angles instead of the usual horizontal or vertical shot. This seems best for the photos which are intended to create a 3D illusion just like in the Google Maps street view.

Below is a video demonstrating the way how Photosphere Camera works:

Miracast — Just like the Airplay in iOS

As you read above, Miracast just works like Airplay which apple introduced a while ago. To increase the support for wireless sharing, Android 4.2 lets you fire up your screen elements to a bigger HDTV screen with the use if Wi-Fi direct. The great thing is that this wireless sharing capability has been integrated to the core of Android 4.2 so there is need to install any 3rd party applications, although you need to but an external wireless display adapter for your HDTV if it doesn’t support Wi-Fi direct natively.

Multi-User — One Device, Many users

Android 4.2 Multi User

With Android 4.2, you get the option to enable Multi-user in Android natively, which was possible by the use of a 3rd party app in Android 4.1. Every user can get his own space, so as to maintain privacy and a fast access to ones personal files. Although this will use extra libraries for every user in the main device’s memory, the feature can be used to let your children use your phone without the access to your personal stuff.

DayDream — A basic Screensaver with an elegant design

This is a basic screen saver in the Android 4.2 which makes your device display some of the pictures along with a bit of delightful interface when the device is docked or idle. You can set to show photo albums and photo streams from the web to display in the pictures. There is even the option to get the latest information with the help of Google current and RSS application.

Improved Notifications — Do everything directly from the Notification Bar

You also get an improved notifications interface which lets you do some of the basic stuff straight from the Notifications bar. You can call anyone straight from the notifications, get to read the full messages and much more of the stuff.

Enhanced Google Search — A New knowledge Graph based search

Google, now lets you search more efficiently by the use of Knowledge Graph powered search, which brings a bit of more enhanced results as compared to the traditional style results. The search also learns about the things you search about allowing you to get the results faster than anything else.

Newer Keyboard — Now with Gesture Typing and improved word prediction

With the newer iteration of Android 4.2’s keyboard, typing has been improved with the inclusion of a newer keywords library and Gesture Typing. The keyboard in Android let’s you type by tracing your finger on the words, you want to type — Just like Swipe. With its improved keywords library, the word prediction is also much more accurate than before.

These are the new features that come with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. You can head to to know more.

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