Since the inception of a smartphone, almost every app has gone through some kind of advancement, except for the dialer. It seems that nobody cared to improvise on the dialer until now.

truedialer-appTruecaller has announced its very own app for the dialer, which will enhance the user’s experience to a greater extent. The app is known as Truedialer and it is made available for the Windows Phone and the Android phones as well. Therefore, you can easily download the Truedialer app from Google Play Store apart from the official website of the company, in case you possess an Android phone and for the Windows Phone, it is made available in the Windows Phone Store. The good news is that, you will be able to avail this amazing app absolutely free.

TrueDialer: One smart Dialer for Android

The neglected dial pad gets a new life

So, after being neglected for years, Truecaller’s team is the first one who has taken into notice that dial pads can be made even more accessible and easy to use for the users. The app that is making all the noise will provide you with the information regarding the numbers that are being dialled after searching through the contact list as well as the Truecaller’s database. Moreover, if you have some missing information about any contact, then Truedialer has the ability to fill it up with all the required information from the database of Truecaller. You will be provided the protection against spammer and one more thing is that when you are dialling a number, that is reported as unwanted number by the community of Truecaller, then you will be receiving a warning before you place that call. It has various other features that will reduce your effort of placing a call. It has incorporated support of T9 search which will help you in predicting the text that you are about to enter. Due to this reason, you won’t have to enter the full name of the caller, instead you can just enter the first few alphabets and the app will come up with the complete list with those letters.

Two different entities

Truecaller and Truedialer are two separate apps from the house of Truecaller. One is used to block the unwanted callers and also ease out the complexity of the navigation. It is also used to identify the incoming calls. These were part of the Truecaller app, but now Truedialer app will help you in finding the number that you are about to dial. After changing the way people think, the users receive calls as well as sniff out missing information with the help of Truecaller, Truedialer is also set to be one of the most valuable dialer app for the users of android phone as well as Windows phone as per Nami Zarrighalam. They are the one who has thought about bringing in a change in the old ways of dialing the number or looking for contact. When everything has undergone several changes, then why would you have to settle for an old dial pad!

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