android l preview

android l preview

Yesterday Google held its annual developers meet and conference called Google I/O 2014. The conference was basically not a consumer based conference but the developer one. As leaked information suggested that Google is going to announce some new operating system or next version of Android which starts with letter “L”. However the predication and leaks have been true and Google revealed the developer preview of its new Android L. 

Since, it’s just a developer preview, nothing much in store for the normal consumer like you and me but still this holds a very important significance in technology. This can be the basis for upcoming new Android versions and next generation Android experience that Google has already started to talk about.

The executive for Android development team took the stage for the announcement yesterday and also showed the live demo of what we can experience at the start from Android L. Guess what? The results were outstanding for me and I am very much excited to see Google adding these few UI features to the next Android version once they release it.

The Android L comes with a bunch of new features both in terms of UI and user experience. The new UI has been added with much more fluid transmissions and scale animations apart from that of new features for smarter notifications have also been release by Google.

Not just this, Google has designed the Android L in such a way that any screen sized device no matter if it’s a smartwatch, tablet or mobile the new Android L fits with all. Google showed the demo on Google Nexus 5, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Moto G 360. 

Android L is based on the material design about which Google has explained well in a video which I will be adding at the last of this article. Google has also added a new security feature in Android L which senses your presence around and unlocks the phone without any issue. But if you are not present around then the device you cannot unlock without the password you have added to it.

Google said that they have been concerned with security of the customers and have been working for providing  Malware free experience to its users. They also mentioned that Google Play Services  are also going to be updated to a higher extent this time.

Google mentioned that Android L will have new 5,000 API’s and the Android L’s preview SDK will be available on for developers worldwide. Google claims that it is going to be the biggest release in the Android’s history till now.


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