Android one details

Android one details

Last day Google took the charge and held a Developer Conference popularly known as Google I/O. Here Google’s Chief for Android and Chrome announced the Google’s new product for budget segment called Android One. 

However, like Nexus devices Android One is also another Google product which will be manufactured by many key manufacturers from small-scale to large-scale. During the announcement Sundar Pichai mentioned many things related to the product and what people can expect from the device and what will be the Google’s role in it ,were the major parts of the story. 

  • Sundar Pichai mentioned that the device will be launching firstly only in India so that means Indians will be the first to experience the new product from Google. 
  • He had also mentioned that ,since many billion people are still not using the Smartphones so Google has decided to cover those percentages of people who have not encountered the touch of Android’s power.
  • In his talks, he also addressed those Indian consumers who are still unaware about Android smartphones and as a part of their program the main motive is to reach them in near future.
  • The executive also mentioned that Google’s Android One will be manufactured by Indian born manufacturer Micromax and later on the list will be joined by Karbonn and many other manufacturers.
  • Since,the Indians will be first to experience the Android One then there must be some price trick in it. He mentioned that the price of Android One will be less than $100. This means that you will be getting a Google’s device within Rs. 6,000.
  • He also promised that the device will receive all the latest software updates from Google directly no editing or upgrading process by device manufacturers will be taken,

google io details

So, the above mentioned are the few points that Sundar Pichai addressed during his yesterday’s stage presence at Google I/O.However, not just a thing they have revealed about the basic specifications of the device which may seem to be enough good when price is considered with Google’s stamp on the device’s quality check. The company revealed that the device will come up with 4.5 inch display, with Dual SIM capabilities and FM radio. 

The device will arrive with the stock Android experience directly from Google’s baker and it will come with rest of the manufacturer warranty statements as well. Being a popular and well recognized manufacturer, Micromax now holds a very big responsibility.  Karbonn and Spice will be the other two retailers who will join the lineup much sooner.

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