Google, taking a leap forward launched first three inexpensive Android One devices recently. According to Google it is a “larger initiative to bring high-quality smartphones to as many people as possible.” The three devices launched are Spice Dream UNO, Karbon Sparkle V and Micromax Canvas A1. Many have a question on their mind, Which one to buy? Well we are here to help you with that.

Android One smartphones were aimed to cost $100 and this was the reason for a lot of buzz about Android One. The price is indeed around the same figure, Spice Dream UNO costs INR 6299 (~ $104) and is available on Flipkart. Karbon Sparkle V is available on Sanpdeal at INR 6399 (~ $105). Micromax Canvas A1 costs INR 6499 (~ $106) and is available on Amazon. They are exclusively available on their respective online retailers and can only be bought online until they are available in local stores in mid October.

spice-dream-uno-back    spice-dream-uno    spice-dream-uno-side

Comparing these devices side by side, they have more similarities than differences. The front panel of the three phones looks exactly the same, you can hardly identify if it is Spice or Micromax or Karbon. They have same earpiece and front camera location, even the design of the earpiece is exactly the same, which are round and mesh type.


Talking about the Design, the location of volume rocker and wake up buttons is exactly same. Spice has the thickest bezel followed by Karbon and Micromax has the least of all. The back panel of Spice has a rubbery finish which is nice, Karbon comes with a plasticky finish which is also of fairly good quality and Micromax comes with a matte rubbery finish which feels good in hand.

The camera, flash light and speaker location is exactly the same in all of them. The camera module is different in all of them so one can easily identify the phone. Removing the back panel reveals how similar all these phones are, again same location of two micro sim holders (Yes, micro sim) and micro SD card. Infact they have batteries of same size and can be interchanged and it works. It seems to me like they all have used same motherboard for their devices.

Karbonn-Sparkle-V Karbonn-Sparkle-V

I also noticed that the accessories like headset, data cable and power adaptor are exactly the same. Even the mic and call receiver on the headset is same. Seems like the manufacturer of these accessories is common for all the devices and all the devices come with screen protector added in the box.
Not only the specifications but the hardware seems to be exactly same in all the three devices. The only difference here is the outer casing of the phone which can be the only decision making factor on which you can decide which device you want.

All the devices has same 1.3 GHz Quad core processor coupled with 1GB or RAM which will provide really smooth user experience and the benchmark scores are also similar. The benchmark score of Spice Dream UNO is 18480 for Karbon Sparkle V it is 18270 and 18321 for Micromax Canvas A1. Which means the performance of these device is similar and there is hardly any difference.

The Display on all the three devices is 4.5 inch IPS Screen with a resolution of 480×854 pixels, which is fairly good at this price, but you can get much better displays in this price range. Also the display supports 10 point touch on all three devices.


Primary camera on the devices is a 5 MP sensor and clicks fairly good and sharp images. The camera performance is similar on all the devices. They have a front camera sensor of 2 MP which is again same on all devices. One thing I did not like about these devices is that you can’t click photos until you put a memory card in the device, despite the fact that it has a 4 GB internal memory out of which 2.27 GB is available for the user. Good news is that 8GB memory card is bundled with all the three devices as an introductory offer of their launch.


Call clarity on these devices is good and similar. The sound output of the speakers is louder on Spice as compared to Micromax and Karbon which has similar sound output. Browsing and Gaming experience on all the devices is smooth with good rendering of graphics for games and smooth and flawless scrolling while browsing.

Talking about the software experience, all the three devices comes with stock Android 4.4.4 (Kitkat) out of the box. All the devices comes with Google apps pre-installed. Android One will get all the latest updates of android for 2 years as soon as they are released. Google has specially designed its software as stock Android doesn’t support dual sim. The devices also supports Hindi language and can be used to search with Google Now. Google also promised to include support for 6 Indian languages by the fall of this year.


All the devices, as talked earlier, comes with same battery power of 1700 mAh which is capable of churning out full day backup for a moderate user.
As we saw that all the three devices are similar. There are no difference in specs as well as the hardware used. Two factors can be considered in deciding which one to buy, one is that the after purchase support and service from the manufacturer. Second factor can be the look of the device and the color they are available in.

Before concluding I must say that Redmi 1s is a better option here if you wish to buy an Android smartphone which comes with better hardware specifications in the same price range but if you want a pure android experience with all the new Android updates then go with Android One devices.

Buy Karbonn Sparkle   Buy Micromax Canvas A1 Buy Spice Android One Dream Uno

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    Hello Gurindar,

    First of all thanks for sharing such an informative post with us. I was really very confused to select the cheap and best smartphone for my bro. And after searching the solution in the web, I landed on your blog post and it solved my problem. Now, I’ll be going with Xiaomi RedMi 1S.

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