skyfire plays flash contents

Skyfire browser one of the best browser in android smartphones ranked #2 by Appolicious and Techcrunch.

With the increasing craze of android smartphones and keep decreasing in its price. Users expectations from Android OS are always on high and many of them loves to watch videos and movies on their smartphones as they were used to watch on their computers.

Well Adobe flash player supports 2.2+ android with minimum 800MHz processor to play flash videos. But if you have Android 2.2- and 2.3  OS and low-end processor that isn’t compatible with adobe flash player.

You have the options to view those flash videos with skyfire browser.Suppose you want to view in your skyfire Jimmy Pardo Is Never Not Funny on teamcoco which  is obviously encoded in flash a small pop-up video icon appears on the left-bottom that enables you to watch that video smoothly.

skyfire plays flash contents

How Skyfire browser plays Flash videos?

  • Like most browsers skyfire is also a HTML5 browser. It plays HTML5 videos  but that is not likely too be implemented on all the video streaming sites.
  • Skyfire unlocks contents by transcoding the Flash content into HTML5 on Skyfire’s servers.

Click here to Download skyfire browser and unlocks the flash content.

I personally like Skyfire browser a lot, what do you think? I know there are some strong competitors like Opera, Mozilla Firefox and even Google Chrome. Will you use it instead of the so-called ‘popular’ browsers? Tell us in the comments below.

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