Android TV: The New Era Of Televiewing

In today’s era, where everything has the word “smart” attached to it, there was no way that TVs could be left behind. Yes guys, the era of smart TVs is here. Smart TVs have been here for some time but they have gained much popularity in the past couple of months, especially after the Google I/O conference held this year where Google announced the Android TV.

What is Android TV, you ask? To put it simply, Android TV is exactly what it sounds like: TV running on Android. Yes, TVs too can run on the most used OS in the smartphone world. Android TV is a smart TV platform developed by Google based on Android to bring the gap between you and your TV to a minimum. Android TV is a very easy to use user interface that can be installed on the top of your existing TV. You can convert any simple LCD/LED TV into an Android TV by plugging in Android Sticks or by installing Androidbox. Android Stick is a USB lookalike that is plugged into the HDMI port of your TV and converts it to Android TV. Android box looks pretty much like a set-top box and serves the same purpose.

With the Android TV installed on your current TV, you have a totally new and vast world to explore. Android TV lets you do a lot of new things which would have not been possible on a normal TV. Other than playing videos, your TV can now even download and play games from the Google Play Store. You will have access to services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and many others which let you have access to HD movies and videos and TV series from all around the world. You will also be able to store videos for watching later and add videos to your favorites. Also, you would then be able to control and operate your TV from devices such as your smartphone and your tablet.


I’m sure by reading the above passage, all of you now have an idea about what really Android TV is. Let us now inform you about VU Technologies. VU Technologies was founded by Devita Saraf back in 2006. She is currently the company’s CEO and also the daughter of Rajkumar Saraf, CEO of Zenith Computers. VU Technologies is an Indian company that is in the TV business. They have made a name for themselves in the display market, producing displays that measure as small as 2″ to displays that span upto 20 feet. Their motto is to deliver premium quality display devices, mainly TV as prices are nominal and much less than what other brands offer the same products for.


Delivering on this motto is the 32-inch LED 32K160M Android TV from VU Technologies. The Android running TV with the latest LED display technology is available for an unbelievable price of INR 24,999. Doubting the TV’s features? Here are the features that the 32K160M offers:

  • 32-inch LED display
  • HD resolution, 1366 X 768 pixels
  • 2 GHz Quad-core processor
  • Octa-core graphics engine
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Running Android Kitkat 4.4.2
  • Extra thin bezels
  • USB-connectivity
  • Extra clear sound upto 20 feet with two 6W speakers

VU 32K160M

Sounds pretty convincing, doesn’t it? All these features packed into one device at the cost of a normal LED TV. How does that sound? Talking about the dimensions, the 32K160M measures 29 inch x 19 inch x 2 inch and weighs 7.3 kg. The 32K160M is available on Flipkart. Here is the link.

Though this offering from VU looks pretty solid, the Android TV market is fast growing and so is the competition. More and more companies are stepping into the market with their products. Companies like G-Box, Keedox and Matricom are offering Android sticks and Android box that can convert any LED/LCD TV with an HDMI port into an Android TV. Google is also in talks with TV giants like Sony, Sharp and TP Vision to team up and offer Android TVs in the late 2014 or the early 2015.

After smartphones and tablets, Android TVs seems to be the new trend. Are they here to stay? W’ll find that out as time passes. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.

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