List of Unblocked Proxy Sites to Unblock Sites at School, College and Office

List of Unblocked Proxy Sites to Unblock Sites at School, College and Office


What is a proxy site?

A proxy server is a site that acts as an intermediate between you and the site you are actually visiting. For your network, it appears like you are browsing the proxy site while it serves you the content from some other site. This behavior allows us to open/unblock sites at school, college and office that are otherwise blocked. This can also be used to browse anonymously when you don’t want the websites to track you.

Here is a list of proxy sites to unblock blocked sites at school and office.

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List of best proxy sites to unblock blocked sites at school and office.

  1. MyPrivateProxy
    At the top of the list of top 10 best proxies in 2014 comes the name of MyPrivateProxy and this is also our personal favourite. This is a fully featured and anonymized proxy services which allows you to have access to the files which are image hosted. It means you can not only unblock your banned websites but also can manually change the proxy and IP and enjoy stream-less downloading.

    With MyPrivateProxy you can access unlimited web pages with great speed. Unlike most other anonymous Web proxies, MyPrivateProxy supports encryption via the SSL and HTTPS network protocols to make your system anonymous, thus you will have full access to all the sites even when they have been banned. They also handles the basic functions of an anonymous proxy server well including hiding your IP address and filtering of cookies.

    1. Anonymouse
      Anonymouse supports Web, email and Usenet (news) proxies and has existed on the Internet for many years now. In addition to the free open access, a low-cost subscription is available for those who want to upgrade to faster proxy servers and additional services. Anonymouse supports both English and German languages.
      This is yet another wonderful proxy to help you update your websites and make own listings. You can sort it as per your country IP and change the SSL proxies living under limits.
    3. Ninja Cloak
      This free, Web-based proxy utilizes CGI. To start an anonymous session from the Ninja Cloak home page, scroll down to the text box and enter the URL of a site to visit. An HTTPS option is also available providing additional security protection on the connection between your computer and the proxy.
    4. Jumbo Proxy
      It is another free to use online proxy website that you can try. This site is up all the time and gives you unrestricted access to MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook etc.
    5. Zend2
      It is another very famous website. It comes with the options like Encode URL, Remove Scripts etc. to make your web browsing better.
    6. BoomProxy
      A quick proxy website for those people who want to visit on the blocked websites. You just need to enter the address and you will get access to the blocked website.
    7. DontFilter
      It is an US proxy website that is good for accessing any type of website using an American IP address.Again, a very simple and easy to use proxy and give fast website access to the blocked websites.
    8. The Proxy Free
      No other proxy sites can beat around the bush with this free proxy website. This site best suit for those people who don’t know what the options usually are for.
  2. KProxy
    KProxy is ideal for those who want to maximize their internet privacy. It works with more than five IP addresses at a time, so you can have full freedom to change your IP and enjoy the unrestricted music at Youtube.
  3. is not only a proxy but also a secured SSL encryption service. It unblocks your favorite websites and lets you have full access to GTalk, ICQ, MySpace, Facebook and eBuddy account as normal even when the IP has been changed.
  4. Anonymizer
    Anonymizer may the best-known name among the anonymous Web proxy services. While it does offer a free service, most of the Anonymizer site is decided to “up-selling” various related products. WHen using the free proxy, be prepared to see flashing “UPGRADE NOW!” messages in the status bar of your browser.
  5. allows you to browse your favorite banned websites via a distinctive and theft-proof proxy pattern. It comes with both free and paid services, which means if you want to get access to over 500 proxies then you will have to register as a paid user.
  6. BlewPass
    BlewPass is here to help you bypass internet filters and firewalls inposed by school, work, or country. Stay safe and anonymouse while securely browsing through its servers.
  7. Dont Filter is an anonymous website unblocker and online privacy tool. Using the site you can access all the websites your network admin and/or country don’t want you to be looking at.
  8. 000FreeProxy
    000FreeProxy is a recognised favourite amongst all of the users of free websites. The United States server status is why the server is as popular as it is, giving it a wide base of potential customers access to its anonymous services. When using 000Free, almost every single different blocked website that one wishes to access will be opened up to be visited without any fear.When using this server, there are a number of options available to more accurately streamline the web browsing experience into one that is fine-tuned to one’s particular preferences. With 000FreeProxy, one can choose whether or not they want to view the URL of the page from the top, remove JavaScript, enable cookies, show images, show referring sites, use ROT13 encoding on the address, use base64 encoding on the address, strip the page title, or store the cookies for only that session in particular.
  1. FreeGate
    Free Gate is a web service that can be used either in English or in Chinese. As China is infamous for prohibiting all kinds of different sites, one can use Free Gate in order to unlock potentially inaccessible websites when they are overseas. This site is one of the most popular in the world due to the fact that it is stable, which is a relative rarity in a world of servers that are constantly offline or shut down due to insecure hosting. The one drawback to using this web service is that is reputation for its strengths is also, ironically, one of its weaknesses. Many employers may be aware of Free Gate and preemptively block the website altogether so that its service is rendered completely impossible.
    WebProxy is one of the best proxy websites of 2013 that provide you anonymous internet surfing capabilities. It is the quickest and easiest way to access blocked websites from anywhere in the world. First of all, open and enter the URL of any website you want to surf anonymously. It will automatically assign you random IP address of another country and you will be able to access websites without any restriction. It is also capable of URL encryption that adds more security to while you browse different websites.  So, visit now and start browsing websites anonymously. Access torrent websites, YouTube videos, Social Networks if they are blocked by your internet provider with the help of web proxy free service. Absolutely no registration is required for using this free proxy website. You can also install their Google Chrome extension by clicking here. This will allow you to visit specific websites automatically with their service.
    This is another useful web proxy website that allows you to hide IP address as well as location while visiting websites. Different tracking tools like Google Analytics, Hitstats etc. are used by webmasters that take record of everyone who visits their website pages. So, by using proxy website like newipnow, you can completely hide your geographical information. By using newipnow, you can also choose any IP address of specific listed countries that should be assigned to you. You can easily get ip-address of United States, France, Netherlands etc using this proxy service.
    As I already mentioned that YouTube is blocked in Pakistan and the only method to access it in Pakistan is proxy websites. For this purpose, unblockYouTube is one of the famous website for accessing YouTube at restricted locations.  Along with YouTube, you can also unblock any other restricted webpage with the help of this proxy website.
  5. BestYouTubeProxy

    For the countries like China and Pakistan proxy is designed. This proxy is used for YouTube video streaming, for those they normally can’t get access to these sites. This server is built to handle huge data packets anonymously.

    More proxy sites to open youtube

    This is another widely used best proxy website for secure and instant anonymous browsing. If you school, college or workplace network has some restrictions then you can use 4everproxy website that can automatically bypass any filters that restrict website access. It can easily unblock YouTube, Facebook and other Social network sites and gives you fully secure online browsing experience.
  7. Unblock Facebook Proxy

    This is one of the popular and literally working proxies to unblock facebook in 2014. This facebook login proxy will allow you to access facebook wherever it is blocked. You will access facebook from a different server aside from your own server. Therefore, the anonymity will be maintained and there will no history of using facebook will be stored in your computer. However, to keep your secret passage to facebook make sure you delete the evidence of your facebook access from history.

  8. Efreetimes
    Efreetime is one among the popular proxies that allow you to access any kind of website via it dedicated server. The dedicated server breaks through any kind of firewall restrained your access to website and allows you to access facebook anonymously. In case, if the proxy hasn’t worked at the particular time, you can use other proxies that are listed as friend websites. Each of them has its own dedicated server to unblock facebook.
  9. Zfreez
    Zfreez is a 100% working facebook login proxy that allows you to break the walls and unblock facebook at school, home or at office. Speaking of which, you can also unblock twitter, tumblr, orkut, Myspace etc. Zfreez proxies are changed from time to time and this keeps this website working all the time. All you have to do is to enter the URL you wish to access or blocked in your computer and click Enter.
  10. The Facebook Proxy
    Although, you will definitely get the access you wish from the above facebook login proxies, still to keep the possibilities up we are listing another free facebook proxy to make sure you get the access you came here for. This Facebook proxy is solely created to access Facebook from blocked schools, offices or homes. This site preserves the IP and helps you to access facebook anonymously.

89 thoughts on “List of Unblocked Proxy Sites to Unblock Sites at School, College and Office”

  1. Every site is blocked in my high school in Wisconsin, (TSC? Palo Alto? anyone else have this) email is not allowed, youtube is (with restricted mode on), all social media is not. I either need something to download or something else. ALL SITES are blocked. I don’t know about downloadable programs.

  2. Hello I see this web its like complitly like utube and working in Some country where s Youtube uis blocked like in Pakistan Youtube iis blocked but with this web site u can watch video without Ads 🙂

    Regards Ghulam

  3. I have a similar problem like many of you.
    My school just switched from PCs to Chromebooks. In my opinion, chromebooks suck, but what’s even worse is that it is near impossible to break the firewall when they use


    There has to be somebody who made an unblocked proxy site, or another program that hides your browsing.


    • To unblock websites on lightspeed use a vpn

      1. Add a pptp vpn
      2. Call it WebsiteVPN.COM
      3. Server is:
      4. Username:
      5. Password: freevpn
      Click connect go to restricted website and it will ask you to accept and click accept and you can now access restricted websites.

  4. Hello, all! I realize this problem is probably not fixable, but I am not very tech savvy, so I figured I’d try y’all before I gave up all hope. Ha ha. Our school issued us Google Chromebooks which is cool, but they also blocked many of the proxy servers. I cannot access any of the proxies listed in this article. Is there any way I can bypass all of that? Thanks for all the help!

  5. everyone site here is blocked b cyberroam showing urltranslation site is there any other way to bypass high security of cyberroam

  6. Hi all, try using it appears to work for all sorts of sites. I have heard a lot of good things about this proxy site. Give it a go, good luck and happy surfing

  7. You can use
    It is the best online proxy found i have listed some features of it to help you.
    They have no ads.(this is why i like them)
    Supports almost every website.
    Best support for youtube,facebook,myspace and much more.
    They are on seperate private servers.not in a shared host so youget the best performance.
    and the best part is youcan use what ever of the subdomain and access there proxy.
    example: you can access the proxy from * replace * with whatever word you like.

  8. You have great list of free web proxy!
    Please add mine, it is Google App Engine based web proxy. Stable and fast!.
    Free Web Proxy

    • Im in school right now and this is so gay. None of these websites work. im so pissed i just wanna go on facebook!!?? -__-

  9. all the possible proxy websites have been blocked , the word porxy or anonymous is blocked , no gmail,yahoomail,rediff,twitter,facebook,orkut, even google search engine is blocked we have to use bing very bloody restricted, not even or is spared , i have probably tried 100’s of proxy sites all getting blocked – WHAT DO I DO ? help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • hi .i m able to open all the blocked websites,,,,,,,,,,go to for online proxy
      or you can download the software,just enable that software,,,that software’s name is hotspot sheild…..
      go to and download hotspotsheild…..

  10. guys.. can you please help me.. what would be the best site for me to log on for my ym accnt coz the administration blocked the sites that i am using.. those sites are meebo and iloveIM.. do you guys know other sites except for those two?? thank you

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  12. i can pass my our connection to outside, they were blocked, can someone help me send a real proxy address for my connection, it will b g8

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  15. i tried all of the above proxy sites but all were blocked by the administrator of my network ….
    so i seek better sites which would not be blocked on my network
    i get a message open dns
    this site is blocked by the networl administrator

  16. I make a new proxy for you please try it out. 🙂 also please click on bookmark button and email your friend about my website too. (if they worked for you.)

    if you like you can join my proxy mailing list to receive fresh proxy straight to your inbox 🙂

  17. u guys this thing dont work all of em ere blocked by school blocking thingy u guys should make up names that have educational stuff in them so they wont be blocked


  18. Hello. Which of these allows javascript? Some proxy sites don’t allow jscript that’s why I cannot add, delete or make testimonials on friendster

  19. All the sites when accessed, show message ‘access to this web site has been blocked because the web category “Proxies & Translators” is not allowed’.

    Any website which can bypass this thing.

    Thanks in Advance

  20. You can use tunneling softwares to bypass proxy restrictions, ny next post will be on this.I’m having one software to download files bypassing the file size restriction. I will upload the software in a day or two.

  21. Yar i want to open orkut altough it is opening but i could not send a scrab plz help me and tell a good site through which i can send scrab as well. Kproxy is also blocked in our university last but not least tell me the site through which i can download unlimited because in our university limit is 10 MB dowloading and similarly torrent does not work . pLz reply at my id


  22. through ur proxy i can access the main page but it is not possible to watch viedo or download anyh thg frm there.error 404
    thx any way

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