Apple iPad Air 2: Will It Bend?

I am sure there’s nobody reading this post who hasn’t heard about the infamous iPhone 6 bending controversy. For those of you, who haven’t, lets do a quick recap. Days after the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were brought out, some users, whose numbers Apple reported to be just 9 out of more than 10 million reported that their iPhone 6 Plus smartphone had bent while it was in their pocket. This sparked off quite a controversy and in no time, we had videos all over the internet by people, bending the iPhone 6 Plus with their bare hands. Some people also shot videos of other smartphones being bent with the iPhone 6 Plus using the “#bendgate” tag. Wondering why are we freshening up your memories? That is because another Apple product has been bent in two new videos and this one is one of Apple’s latest offerings.

The star of this video is the brand new Apple iPad Air 2 which was unveiled by Apple some days back. A guy who goes by the name of Marvin from Germany has been courageous enough to try to bend the latest Apple offering that costs about $500,that is if he stuck with the 16 GB variant. He shot a video of him trying to bend the iPad Air 2 and the results, as we expected were not in Apple’s favor. Here’s the video for you to check it out:

And if the sight of one guy trying to bend the $500 tablet is not enough for you, do not worry as he was not the only one. We have another guy, this one from TabTec trying his power out on the iPad Air 2. He however chose a different way. Unlike the guy in the first video who choose to apply the pressure on the screen of the tablet, the guy from TabTec tried to bend the iPad Air 2 by pressing on its back and the results were quite different than in the first video. Check it out yourself:

Seeing these two videos, what are your views about the iPad Air 2? If you ask us, a tablet thats just 6.1 mm thin would bend and maybe even break if you try to press it. After all, its just 6.1 mm thick. You cannot get strength and such slim looks in one device. What do you think? Leave your views in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates.

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