Pokemon, Mario and Other Nintendo Games Coming to iPhone

pokemon mario coming to iphone

Each and every one of us grew up playing Mario games but there are other Nintendo games as well that you might have heard of. Have you ever played a Nintendo game like Pokemon? Or Zelda? Or any Nintendo game whatsoever? That won’t be any problem if the news of Nintendo games coming to iPhone […]

Gmail for Mac – The Desktop App of the Best Email Client

Gmail is the most used email service used by each and every person as his email client. I would even say that every person has at least 2-3 accounts with Gmail all for different purposes. As Gmail is a product of Google, you don’t have to worry about any problems as the powerful servers of […]

7 Best Winterboard Themes for iOS 8 and 8.1 (Free & Paid)

1ONE winterboard theme

One of the best things you get when you jailbreak your iDevice is the ability to download Winterboard on your smartphone. With Winterboard, you can customize your phone’s interface. There are hundreds of awesome Winterboard themes available to download through Cydia but here I will present you the 7 best Winterboard themes worth checking out. […]

Best Accessories And Apps For Apple’s iOS 8 HealthKit

Apple might not have got off to a flying start with its in built health app, but now that is a thing of the past and it is mainly due to the accessories and apps that are made available. Now is the time to take advantage of this wellness program, HealthKit. Managing your fitness meant […]

Samsung Could Be Coming Out With A Ring Operated Smartwatch

Samsung Ring Operated Smartwatch

With so many smartwatches already in the market and many more announced and ready to make their debut, the competition in the smartwatch market is getting more and more fierce with each passing day. With the great number and variety of smartwatches we already have in the market, it’d be easier for new smartwatches to […]

‘Get’ Button, Instead Of ‘Free’ Label In The App Store

Now you won’t get any ‘Free’ label for the apps that are free in the App Store, instead you will see that the button has changed. It is now known as ‘Get’. The apps that didn’t involve any immediate cost was termed as free apps and when you scroll through the pages of the App […]

Top 5 iOS Apps Of The Week

As the weeks pass by, you come across several apps that are awesome and highly entertaining too. Some of them are paid apps, whereas there are some, which are absolutely free for downloading. You can make use of some apps for having fun and then there are some apps, which really help you in your […]

An All New Record Set For Speed Texting On iPhone 6 Plus


We all are quite aware of the fact that it is somehow bit hard to text quickly on a smartphone, no matter what the screen size is. But, what if you get to know that someone has set a new record for speed texting? Your first reaction will be of amazement because you will find […]