Apple Releases Mountain Lion: Upgrade It For Just $20

While Windows users are eagerly waiting for the new Windows 8 which has sleek interface and surprising news that it will be just 40$ MAC users are much more happy about the new version of OS launch today and it costs only 20$, half less than windows upgrade. MAC users can right away download the new OS from the App store for just $20. For customers that purchased a new Mac computer since June 11, the upgrade to Mountain Lion is FREE from Apple!!

It will be surprising if I say Apple spiced  Mountain Lion includes over 200 new features but its the truth, as I cant include all of them some of features are listed below

  • Full iCloud integration – Previously know as MobileMe,this new cloud service is integrated full fledged in this new version, Built-in sharing, Icon and list view,sort option and documents folder are some notable feature.
  • Game Center, Reminders, and Notes –All three features are enhanced and all are icloud enabled
  • Messages — another iOS transplant, With iMessage, you can send messages to anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 5 or later, or a Mac with Mountain Lion.
  • Notification Center — most Mac users got their notifications via Growl or any other third party apps but now apple has its own notification center in the new OS, If you miss a banner or want to see all your notifications, you can find them in Notification Center. Notification Center consolidates notifications from Messages, Calendar, Mail, Reminders, and third-party apps in one convenient place.
  • Dictation– OS X now supports Dictation. So wherever you can type, you can use your voice instead. Just select a text field and turn Dictation on. Use the keyboard shortcut — press the Function key twice — or choose Dictation from the Edit menu in any app. When you’re finished speaking, click Done. Dictation converts your words into text.
  • Power Nap — This feature allows a Mac to still periodically check email and sync iTunes content while in a deep state of sleep. If connected to a power source, the machine will also perform Time Machine backups and download software updates.Power Nap refreshes the data on your Mac silently; no fans or lights come on.
  • Facebook and Twitter — These two social networks are also baked into the upcoming iOS 6 release which has become mandatory for all OS. It also supports multiple twitter links and shows profile picture in contact.

The upgrade was released today and some users faced problem with the upgrade, for those getting an Error 100, check the post
How to Fix Mountain Lion Download Error 100

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