iOS 6

Apple Updates iOS 6This afternoon, Apple has started rolling out minor updates iOS to its mobile operating system. The update applies to all the devices capable of running iOS 6, which was the last major update for iOS. The update is said to contain minor bug fixes and improvements. Here’s the full rundown:

Previously, iPhone 5 software had a bug which prevented it from upgrading over the air. This bug has been fixed and updates seem to be working fine now.

The devices running on iOS 6 (especially the iPhone 5 and iPod 5) would randomly disconnect when connected to Wi-Fi network having WPA2 encryption. This issue is solved and my iPod stayed connected with stable connection.

One more important security bug has been ironed out. Passbook – the Apple’s offering meant to store sensitive information like passes and numbers – allowed entry without passcode. All one had to do was to play some finger kung-fu trickery (trick not included here for security reasons) from the lock screen. This issue is fixed.

On the features side, not much is new except consolidated ‘Use Cellular Data, switch for iTunes Match.

If you are already on iOS 6, you should definitely install this update. If you are on jailbroken iOS 5 and want to keep your jailbreak, you may want to wait since update is not yet available for iOS 6 onwards.

Have you discovered any new features? Let us know via comments.

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