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Right from 14th century, a watch has been an immediate and integral way of knowing the time. Watches are used as a time keeper, and more than that watch is an accessory, a fashion statement, and for many, its a part of them. Apple watch continues to carry the same intimacy forward extending the purpose of the same watch to a new level with more accessibility than just keeping note of time.

Apple’s website reads

Our goal has always been to make powerful technology more accessible. More relevant. And ultimately more personal. Apple Watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology. It’s the most personal product we’ve ever made, because it’s the first one designed to be worn.”

Apple Watch Front & Back


Apple watch is high on design, both Hardware and the Software inside.


Every individual has his own taste for watch some like a small dial, others prefer a bigger one, so apple watch comes in two sizes – a 38mm and 42mm


There are so many features to talk about that I can publish a whole new post on it. Here are few important ones.



Now you don’t have to grab your iPhone every time you want to communicate, its all there on your wrist. Apple watch lets you communicate in the following ways.

  •  You can Receive Calls and Reply to Texts. The text replies are suggested by the Watch itself, all you have to do is select the suggestion and send.
  • The internal mic of the Apple watch can be used to use this watch as a Walkie Talkie which can be used to send quick voice messages to other users.
  • You can draw simple images and send your friends. The user will be notified with a double tap on their wrist, all thanks to new Taptic Engine.
  • The most liked communication feature was the ability to share Heart Beat. I love this one.
  • You can also send Animated Emoticons which can be edited/personalized before sending.
  • Supports WiFi.



The most important aspect we expect from the wearables now is there ability to track our fitness goals. Apple watch takes a serious leap forward to efficiently calculate exercise performed and keep track of the same. All this will be synced with the health app in your iPhone which intern can be shared to your doctor using third party apps.

  • The watch counts the steps taken using inbuilt Accelerometer and GPS and calculates the calories burned. It not only calculate the steps taken horizontally but also vertically for eg : If you are running up a mountain or stairs, calculating just the steps will be wrong as you burn more calories in this case. So Apple watch uses and inbuilt Barometer to keep track of the altitude (according to atmospheric pressure) and accordingly calculate the calories burnt for that particular task. Believe me, its amazing.
  • It calculates the work done according to the exercise you are doing like Swimming, Cycling etc which are already preset-ed in the watch, more over it learns the way you excercise and adapts to that.
  • You can set personal goals and beat them to unlock achievement medals in the Workout app. You can also see REAL TIME stats like your running pace, burned calories and time spent in workout, all right on your wrist.
  • It makes use of the customized heart rate sensor placed on the back panel of the watch to keep track of your hear rate. This is what is used in pair with the Taptic Engine to share your heartbeat as talked earlier.


Other Features include access to your iTunes Library,the ability to control music,  listen to iTunes radio and access to Apple TV all of this on your wrist using a simple swipe gesture.


Siri is now on your wrist and can be acceded using watch’s mic. You can dictate to her or can ask question.
Maps can be acceded on Apple watch with ease, all you have to do is ask Siri for directions to a place and she’ll guide you to it. You don’t even have to look at the watch, the Taptic Engine will tap on your wrist whenever there is turn you have to take.

Apple Pay was one of the most buzzed topic of the event. Now you can pay with Apple watch at many outlets which now support Apple Pay. All you have to do is wave your watch in near the receiver and thats it, the amount is payed.

Automatic Display works great. When you raise raise your hand to see the time, the display automatically light up, it’s just like the watch was just waiting for you to look at it. Nice!! Isn’t it! You can also reject calls by just covering the display with your hand when your getting a call.


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  • September 11, 2014 at 10:27 am

    Impressive features and great looks for every taste of people. 🙂


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