ios 8 features by the geek daily

ios 8 features by the geek daily


Apple hosted a developer conference just few days back at San Francisco. Since the conference was basically for developers so we had already expected Apple to show the developer stuff’s only. Before the event some images teased by Apple revealed that they are going to launch their new operating systems, both for Mac as well as other Apple products.

Apple conference by the gees daily

However, as expected, Apple revealed the new OS for its products along with some crazy developer stuff. I would like to mention that if you are expecting some great new looks then you must check Apple’s MAC OS launch where in they have added a little bit of enhancements to the OS. But on the flip side of iOS you might get disappointed.

This time Apple has only focused on developers and even released their possession which is a great gift from the company to them. So, let’s check out the new features that Apple has introduced and see what you can capture out of it for your entertainment.

apple conference by the geeks daily


The most interesting feature that Apple has launched for iOS 8 is Home Kit. Now a days, all the leading home appliance manufacturers are using this technology, which lets you to control your appliances from your smart mobile. The big names in the list also include Phillips. Earlier different companies used different platforms and applications for their own appliances and user had to install all of them to control the lightning and rest of the things.

ios 8 homekit by the geeks daily

But the developers at Apple have made it possible now to control all the appliances from single point. Yes! That is what we call Home Kit, the new revolution in the technology gives a new experience to users. The technology is currently kept in the beta test mode by the company, but is expected to be launched in full mode by the end of the year.

Home Kit provides the companies a single platform for iOS where they can jointly add all of their features, so that the user can control all the appliances from single App at one point time without switching between the applications.

Custom Actions

Custom Actions are basically a part of the Extensive feature that Apple announced at the conference. This feature lets the user to use any part or feature of an application without even going through it.

The feature is currently not working with all the apps in the App store but with the future updates from the app developers this feature will surely flash at your screens.

apple conference 2014 by the geeks daily

Apple gave the best example of the app in the conference. They introduced the feature with the example from Bing’s translator. The extension from Bing that was added to Safari browser of iPad has made the user to easily translate any page without even switching to Bing.

App bundles

App bundles are not for all. However the app is basically for the developers of the apps in the App store. The feature enables the developer to add a separate space for other apps that they are selling at low process. This feature mainly focuses on increasing the developer’s sale and apps download rate.

app bundles by apple by the geeks daily

The App bundle gives the user access to the top rated apps that developers want them to install. The idea for such a feature was brought into existence by third-party developers, but Apple considered it to be a giant leap in the App store’s progress.


Apple also introduced Metal at the conference. The Metal is the replacement for the OpenGL. Apple’s developers have made it possible now to make the games perform much faster by the improvement in their own OS.

metal by apple covered b y the geeks daily

Metal reduces the extra layer between the Game and Processor of the device, thus providing the more enhancements to the game’s graphics and performance. The feature is expected to be the next big thing for upcoming iPhone 6.


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