6 Best Lightweight Android Widgets that Consume less Battery

Widgets are one of the best feature android has given us. It’s been into existence from android’s beta phase. They let you easily access content right on your home screen without even opening any app. They make you more productive as you need not navigate through different app options to get information. But, these little […]

How to Create Hotkey to Show/Hide Desktop Icons using AHK Script

Do you have too many icons on your Desktop? You always think of cleaning it up but they’re just TOO many filled all over your desktop. So what would you do? Clean them by sorting out the most used or just press a simple shortcut key (or Hotkey technically) to hide them when not needed […]

How to Run Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on PC using Live CD/USB

Android Lollipop making the market share of 3.3% is still available only on few android devices. There might be some of you who would be craving to use it. But, unfortunately there’s no chance for your entry-level phone to get any OTA update for it. In such case, you can use your PC to run Android Lollipop. […]