Send Free SMS To Friends Using The NEW Google SMS Service

Back in March Google introduced their SMS chat feature in Google Talk widget that appears in your Gmail. The service is same as an instant messenger that is Google Talk, but here you chat and reply via SMS. This feature was initially introduced in the US and Google silently introduced this feature in India. I

GPU Caps Viewer Vs GPU-Z : Know Your Graphics Card Specification

I have seen a lot of my friends saying that they have a 1GB graphics card or 2 GB graphics card and my immediate question always is “which card (Manufacturer), and what are it’s specifications“. Most of the graphics card which come bundled with costly laptops like Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Acer, and other manufactures can

The 4 Best Free PDF Readers For Windows

I have seen most of day-to-day computer users using Adobe Reader for reading PDF files. Adobe Reader is a great application for reading pdf files and is great if you have lots of time, memory and cpu resources to spare for viewing a pdf file. Even if the amount of memory and clock speed of processors