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Jim Luthra works in Merchant Navy as Third Officer and In his free time he is a Blogger and writer. He is blogging since 2009 and loves to write about Tech and Blogging. Other than Blogging he is a guitarist and computer geek.

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5 Reasons Why eBooks are better than Real Books

ebooks vs real books

Okay fine, real books are better! I agree but let’s not go there, keeping a thousand knives on my heart, I’m writing this article to convey my message which clearly is giving some reasons to somehow make eBooks win this. Books or eBooks, this is a never ending argument among book lovers, you’ll call me

Android Rooting Terminology for Beginners – Part 2

Read Part 1 of this article: Android Rooting Terminology Part 1 This is the following article of my previous post which included Android Rooting Terminology for beginners. In Part 2 I will list some more basic rooting terms which beginners must know. So let’s continue! Android Rooting Terminology – Part 2 If you’ve straight away

Android Rooting Terminology for Beginners – PART 1

Android Terminology

So you’ve already collected the courage to root your Android device but don’t know anything about the rooting terminology. Here is a dummies guide to complete rooting terminology with the easiest definitions and explanations for beginners. To practice safe rooting of your Android device, it is very important that you know all the rooting terms and their meanings.