Renaming USB Drive Labels in Linux

There, you got all the inspirations from the web and your friends and have now Linux proudly running on your system. (Linux is the kernel, ya ya I know you got it). Your friend approaches you to help him get rid of the virus in his USB drive. And you are proud you are of help in terminating viruses with ease, thanks to Linux’s security. And he asks you to do a favor. To rename the USB drive label to his name, from the name “disk”.

Linux and Antivirus

linux and antivirus

New Linux users must have noticed this. There are antivirus available in the repos. You might question, “But wasn’t I promised that linux is virus free? That was an important reason for me to switch from Windows to Linux.” Well, the hard truth is Linux does have its own category of viruses. But, the part … Read moreLinux and Antivirus

Remove one of the OS from linux boot loader(grub) and access it covertly

invisible OS

I moved on to Ubuntu. Why? Cause, I have started loving Linux, after working with Fedora. It feels great to have full control using the terminal. Now, my dad insists to have Vista too, so that my transition from Windows to Linux is smooth. I believe I have already shifted to Ubuntu, cause rarely do … Read moreRemove one of the OS from linux boot loader(grub) and access it covertly

Automating Late-Night Downloads

automate late night downloads

There is a boom in the number of broadband users in India. And there has been a boom in the service providers battling to gain the customer’s attention. I use BSNL’s DataOne Broadband service. There are also several other Internet Service Providers, and many of them give their users free downloads at unearthly times like … Read moreAutomating Late-Night Downloads

What is SQL Injection? – Quick Tutorial

what is sql injection

When constructing websites where there is the facility for registering and the need for identifying users individually, then we need to have some setup to save user-names and passwords. Files do serve a good place to do it, but some times it is more of a bane than boon. That’s where databases replace the old … Read moreWhat is SQL Injection? – Quick Tutorial