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3 Awesome Email Tracking Softwares for Your Business

ToutApp Email Tracking Report

Although instant messaging has taken up the communication space in the recent years, emails are still used a lot in professional spaces. Millions of emails are being sent every few hours and there’s no sign of fall in the usage. Apart from just communicating, emails have also become one of the most efficient marketing tool nowadays. And to iterate

Why You Should Use DuckDuckGo Over Other Search Engines


Search engines have been definitely one of the most revolutionary internet ideas ever since the inception. With a couple of clicks, you can find almost anything you want. Search engine companies have also been working on enhancing the experience by adding more features and tools to get the data to you in a faster and better way; like

5 Productivity Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity

No wonder Google has taken over all other web browsers with its Chrome. Having said that, as we all know, one of the best Chrome features is the support for extensions. After Chrome has added its support long back, tonnes of apps started coming into the Chrome Store and today we can find an extension or an alternative

5 Best Material Design Apps That you Should Try Right Now

Material Design

Ever since the launch, Android fans have been going crazy over the much anticipated Material Design. And one must say, Material Design is probably the biggest upgrade to Android look-wise since inception. The philosophies behind the construction of this design concept is just stunning. Smooth transitions, simple interfaces, good usability and playful, what else does an app need to make

10 Must Have Softwares For Every PC

computer softwares

No doubt computer is ruling this technology world. Everyone is looking to buy a computer to make their life much easier. Before buying a computer you must know lot of things in it. I recommend you to check this ultimate desktop buying guide for more details. You should not give-up immediately after buying a well

Best Voice Calling Tablets 2012

micromax funbook talk

These days, smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular among gadget lovers and for people, a tablet is serving all the purposes which a computer does (mostly). So, people are getting more excited over new tablets and ever since the rise of tablets, iPad has been ruling the industry. But we also have awesome tablets