Some Best Offline Applications For Google Chromebook Users

Chrome OS is fabricated around the Chrome program, so it requires less assets, subsequently empowering it to begin quicker. Sadly, in spite of its trademark fast performance, Chrome OS still has a real shortcoming. The greater part of the application’s accessible obliges your machine to be online. The workaround for this shortcoming are “Offline applications”, […]

Things To Consider Before Upgrading Your Laptop

When you are building a desktop PC yourself, a regular case will come with a lot of room inside. You can open it by unscrewing those few screws and get simple access to all the equipment in the case. Parts you introduce aren’t unchangeable, and, could be replaced later. Regardless of the fact that you purchase […]

(Post-Snowden Era) Encrypt Your Facebook Messages Using Cryptocat

Welcome to the post snowden era where we don’t know who is seeing what and the worst thing about it is we can’t do much about it. As the NSA revelations made their way into our world we began to demand a more secure communication channel and then the thought of encryption in personal communications […]

How To Create Direct Download Links Of Files Stored In Google Drive

  Whether it is a document, video, picture or anything, you can virtually store anything on Google drive and also share it with people you care about using the super easy inbuilt sharing features. Added to that you can easily view each and every file within your browser using your web viewer. But are you […]

How To Check For And Troubleshoot RAM Module Errors

RAM which stands for random access memory is the place where windows and all other operating systems store information while they are processing data from other sources. We would be taking this tutorial further by assuming you are a windows user and this tutorial will guide thorough the process in windows. Please refer to other […]

Best Airfare Comparison Websites

Before technology made into our lives, things like travel planning were done through actual humans we called travel agents but their shop didn’t run long enough, Thanks to OTAs or Online Travel Agents. It took your whole process online and served your every need, it still does. Those of you who have travelled a lot […]