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Top 5 PowerPoint Alternatives


Bored with same old PowerPoint Presentations. Ofcourse PowerPoint maybe the standard tool for virtual presentations. It is used by millions of people across various sectors, but let us have a look at it’s alternatives which are either free or way cheaper than Office suite Prezi Only within few years of launch, Prezi rose to the

Powerpoint Slides with Different Orientations in same document

This is a trick that most of the PowerPoint users are not familiar with. You might be working with slides having different orientation (Landscape/Portrait), there isn’t any straightforward solution to use slides with different orientation in the same presentation Hyper-linking the two Presentations 1. Open your first presentation having the landscape slide, add a blank slide

Removing WhiteBackground in PowerPoint 2010

One common mistake committed by several PowerPoint users while designing presentations is inserting pictures with a background that conflicts with the template’s default background transparency. Imagine you have a PowerPoint template with a dark background and you wish to insert a stock image or illustration. Most of them include a white background by default. It

Creating Professional Videos with PowerPoint

Did you know that PowerPoint allows you to easily create professional videos? It is actually quite simple. The basic blueprint is to  create a presentation with animation and transitions and then save it in video format. You couldn’t expect eye blinding visual effects but it is way better than Windows Movie Maker and might be

Using EyeDropper Tool in PowerPoint

EyeDropper PowerPoint

I’ve discussed about the new features of PowerPoint 2013 in my earlier post, The latest update of Office 15 consumer preview boasts about it’s new feature, The EyeDropper Tool What is the EyeDropper Tool Imagine having a spectacular nature background in your presentation. Do you want your text blend in the background giving an awesome

Edit Word Files on your iPad

Word Files on Ipad

iPad’s Stunning resolution and optimum display size makes it ideal for writing and editing. This is a must-have for writers with a busy schedule. Imagine you need to access your Word file to make changes while travelling, iPad is just the tailor fit for this task There are several ways you could do this job.

New Features in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint 2013, from the family of Office 15 would certainly be a fate sealing factor for Microsoft as the company puts all of it’s hopes on Windows 8 and it’s children. Here are few new features i’ve discovered with my hands on Office 15 Consumer Preview Interface PowerPoint 2013 adopts the Metro User Interface, the

Top 7 Motion Sensor Games for Android

If you are an Motion Sensor / Virtual Reality freak you would definitely love these Motion Sensor Games for Android. The most intuitive function of a full pledged Android Device is Gravity sensor. Abduction You need to free your friends from Aliens.  It is one of the most grossing games on Android platform. You need