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Would next Samsung flagship Smartphones feature 3 GB of RAM?


A photo that has been apparently leaked from Samsung’s workshop, and acquired by SamMobile suggests that the South Korean company might be looking to provide additional RAM in upcoming Smartphones. I know, that above photo confirms nothing, anyone could’ve have placed this 3 GB sticker – just for fun. But if we believe the sources,

How to run (.srt) subtitle files with Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player, by default, doesn’t support subtitles (captions) in .srt formats but there is an easy way out. All you have to do is install a codec, and you’re set to run subtitles with any video file. Step 1: Go to free-codecs.com website and download DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.41 codec. Select the one which is supported

5 Places to find Free Stock Photographs for your Blog

No doubt, Blogging is a great tool to express your views on almost anything. Most blogging platforms these days give you tools to make your content as impressive as possible – by adding photos, videos, and other multimedia content, you can make turn your content into an interactive story. Now, the question that arises here