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How to Choose the Best Processor For You

Who is looking for a new processor, is facing many issues. One is, to tell how many cores the new processor. Our guide will help you decide. Technical progress will always new processors on the market that score with additional “cores”. The maximum is most clearly communicated: More cores, more power. But it is so easy in most cases

Utimate Guide to Buy the Best Digital SLR Camera

SLR camera

This guide will help you to choose the best possible Digital SLR camera for you. We have mentioned several important factor upon which the quality and results of Digital Camera matters. What is an SLR? (DSLR) As an SLR or shortened SR-camera refers to a design for a camera or a film camera , at which the subject for consideration by the lens is deflected

A Complete Guide of QR Code – Deployment, Format, Advantages, Errors

QR Code

What are QR Codes? Now a days the square patterns on different products are increasingly capturing our everyday lives. “QR codes are two dimensional bar codes, usually used in the form of cubes that can be photographed with the camera phone. They were developed in 1994 by Denso Wave, a Toyota supplier in order to improve logistics.

List of Top Ten Mobile Phones Within the Range of 15000 INR


With the transforming terms of technological specification, a variety of Android phones have been developed by the manufacturers. The latest launches by Samsung, Sony Xperia, Motorolla, HTC and LG are creating sensational craze among the youth community, all around in the world. In the recent release, the mobile phone series is designed with the higher

Ultimate List of Best Storage Devices For You

Present day life is very busy with the latest technology and multimedia that have been introduced in products like personal computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets etc. these days people do a lot of surfing over the internet to find a suitable product which will exactly suit their needs and requirements. A product nowadays is finalized only

Top Ten Best Ultrabooks For You – Features and Review


Ultra-books are superlative than the traditional notebooks. With more dynamic features and handy nature, Ultra-books have a much importance in the business life. There are lot of Ultra-books from different vendors are available in the market . Today we have shortlisted ten best Ultra-books to simplify your business life. Apple is a pioneer in both categories i.e iPad