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SwiftThemes.Com launched, now you can download theme SWIFT

Hello folks, I’m very happy to announce the launch of my first wordpress theme SWIFT. GeniusHackers.Com is currently powered by swift. SWIFT comes with a lot of easy customization options to give your site a unique look. To download and to know more about SWIFT visit http://swiftthemes.com/2009/08/wordpress-themes/swift-the-fastest-loading-wordpress-theme/

GeniusHackers.Com new look

Hello folks, We just changed the look of GeniusHackers, to make it more clean , clutter free and user friendly. We also added recent posts and popular posts in tabbed format on the top of very post to make it easy to find latest and useful articles. Here are the things coming up in a

15+ Reasons Why iPod Touch Sucks and I Detest Apple

Apple is generally known for their innovation and for designing user-friendly products ( at least they claim). They innovate complex features and forget some simple, common and must have features. I bought a iPod touch 3 months back. I was too lazy to share its review, but now I’m sick of their over hyped products and theirs fucking updates for which they are charge. They charge for the features which are too obvious to anyone, and give it a colour of innovation.

MLCP – Cisco Products Alternative Source

cisco products alternative source

If you wish to have a spontaneous business in today’s world, you need to work hard to do things in time. As we know that networks takes the maximum time to setup from ordering to delivering if you need to get the quality of Cisco Hardware within your budget & times Multi Link Communication Product