GeniusHackers.Com new look

Hello folks, We just changed the look of GeniusHackers, to make it more clean , clutter free and user friendly. We also added recent posts and popular posts in tabbed format on the top of very post to make it easy to find latest and useful articles. Here are the things coming up in a […]

15+ Reasons Why iPod Touch Sucks and I Detest Apple

Apple is generally known for their innovation and for designing user-friendly products ( at least they claim). They innovate complex features and forget some simple, common and must have features. I bought a iPod touch 3 months back. I was too lazy to share its review, but now I’m sick of their over hyped products and theirs fucking updates for which they are charge. They charge for the features which are too obvious to anyone, and give it a colour of innovation.

Interview with the MultiTouch Guys – Team Sparsh

So does the new technology excite you ? Are you a DIY fan ? I’m proud to bring in front of you the multi touch guy and my best friend Anirudh Sharma and his student group named Sparsh, He developed a passion for multi touch after using his iPhone and went on to Build a […]

MLCP – Cisco Products Alternative Source

cisco products alternative source

If you wish to have a spontaneous business in today’s world, you need to work hard to do things in time. As we know that networks takes the maximum time to setup from ordering to delivering if you need to get the quality of Cisco Hardware within your budget & times Multi Link Communication Product […]

Banned form Adsense, BidVertiser is a Good Alternate

bidvertiser adsense alternative

If you are a regular reader of GeniusHackers then you might have noticed there were no Google ads on the for the past 6 months. That’s because GeniusHackers is banned from Adsense. They quoted that this blog violated their guidelines. I wonder how. I’ve always tried to maintain the quality and follow the guidelines by […]

Use GMail offline with Google Gears

Gmail has introduced its latest Labs feature called offline Gmail to enable e-mail access even when you are not connected to the Internet. While this might sound uber geeky, the concept is simple enough when you actually use it. Oh, and the “offline” mode is already available in a simpler form if you happen to […]