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Enable Hibernation in Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest Operating System released by Microsoft. It has a whole lot of new features and design in it. But one issue which people generally face is that the Power Settings are organized in a bad way. It requires us to use mouse and keyboard a lot to shut down, unlike the

Battery Life over Thickness of Phone

The article talks about the topic Battery life over thickness of phone The latest generation of phones, 5 inches wide are power hungry and battery backup is the major cause of concern now. No more is the thinness of the device a fancy among vendors and they are looking out for bigger batteries. The ‘thin’

Best Electronics Gadgets as Gifts

Electronic gadgets are an awesome stuff to play with. And the best is to own them. There are various electronic gadgets available in the market. But, here we present you with the best electronic gadgets in the market in the year 2012. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet Erase your image with the touch of a

Best Inkjet Printers 2012

Inkjet printers are very popular. Not only because they are a little cheap at price, but also because these do a good job and hence are the choice for many people. Printing photos in homes are not very normal and common. Hence, the demand for the inkjet printers is good. Let us look at the

PivotTables in Excel – A Guide

Let us learn about Pivot Tables in Excel – A Guide. One of the most powerful, yet less used feature of Microsoft Excel is the ‘PivotTable’. Using this, you can analyze large amount of data and summarize them with just a few mouse clicks. Let us understand them here and learn how to create and

Why is Having Your RAM Full is a Good thing

It sounds a bit strange – Why Does Having Your RAM Full is Good? Have you ever witnessed a lot of RAM being used, by your Operating System, be it Windows, Linux, or Android, or any other Operating System. If yes, then don’t think that something is wrong with your Operating System. The new Modern