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Ujjwal is a part time blogger and blogs at Gadg8news.com . He loves Open Source and hates pirates, not the ones in Caribbean of course! He spends most of his time downloading softwares and trying them out, and often gets viruses out of them. You can tweet him at @ExtraTechnical.

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100% Working Fix for Xiaomi Mi5 GPS Issue


There are chances that you might me facing some issue with GPS in your Xiaomi Mi5. It either takes too long to lock GPS satellites or doesn’t lock at all. You may have tried high accuracy mode by going into GPS settings but it doesn’t work as well. This issue is due to the bug in gps.conf

Top Sites to Stream TV Shows and Series Online

popcorn flix

We all love to watch TV Shows & Series. TV shows act as an excellent source of entertainment in our busy lives. It is already scientifically proven that watching light-hearted comedy TV shows can help in fighting stress & anxiety. There are multiple ways to download and watch TV Shows on the Internet but not

Best Motion Sensor Games for Android

Who doesn’t like playing games on their Android device? Android devices act as one of the best and cheapest portable gaming devices that we can use. In addition to that, we have a very high number games and apps available on the Play Store where we can choose and download games that interest us. Personally,

How to get the new YouTube look RIGHT NOW!!

YouTube is preparing to roll out its new look which make this biggest video sharing website more “Social”. The most noticeable things in the new look is the better and more visible Google+ integration. Definitely, the new look is complimentary to Google+ and the design looks like its sibling. In this post I will tell you how

All about Network attached storage (NAS)

In this article i am going to give some info about Network Attached Storage (NAS). So, without any further ado we will start. Definition: Network-attached storage (NAS) is file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to heterogeneous clients. As of 2010 NAS devices are gaining popularity, as a convenient method of

Download and Install Ubuntu 12.10 Inside Windows

Download and Install Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu 12.10 was launched yesterday and people are already downloading/upgrading their versions. There are two ways of upgrading to the newer version. One by upgrading automatically on an existing installation and the second one is by downloading the DVD (No more CD) Image and then installing it manually. But after Ubuntu 11.10 the option to install Ubuntu inside windows

Install Safari on Ubuntu


Ubuntu users lack the number of options available as compared to the PC or Mac users. Main browsers they can use are Firefox, Chromium, Google Chrome & Opera. In this post I will be writing a tutorial on how you can install Safari on Ubuntu. So, without any further ado we will start. Install Wine

Facebook launches Video Calling feature powered by Skype

Facebook has launched it’s new Video Calling service powered by Skype. You might be thinking that they’ve done this to tackle the much discussed Google+ Hangout feature but comparing both of them is not the right thing to do.