2 Simple ways to turn your Windows PC / Laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Microsoft Windows is one of the most used operating systems out there. This is because people are most familiar with Windows as it comes installed by default in many PC and laptop devices. To be honest, Microsoft has worked quite well on Windows and with every new release they introduce some great new features. One […]

Best Motion Sensor Games for Android

Who doesn’t like playing games on their Android device? Android devices act as one of the best and cheapest portable gaming devices that we can use. In addition to that, we have a very high number games and apps available on the Play Store where we can choose and download games that interest us. Personally, […]

How to get the new YouTube look RIGHT NOW!!

YouTube is preparing to roll out its new look which make this biggest video sharing website more “Social”. The most noticeable things in the new look is the better and more visible Google+ integration. Definitely, the new look is complimentary to Google+ and the design looks like its sibling. In this post I will tell you how […]

All about Network attached storage (NAS)

In this article i am going to give some info about Network Attached Storage (NAS). So, without any further ado we will start. Definition: Network-attached storage (NAS) is file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to heterogeneous clients. As of 2010 NAS devices are gaining popularity, as a convenient method of […]

Download and Install Ubuntu 12.10 Inside Windows

Download and Install Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu 12.10 was launched yesterday and people are already downloading/upgrading their versions. There are two ways of upgrading to the newer version. One by upgrading automatically on an existing installation and the second one is by downloading the DVD (No more CD) Image and then installing it manually. But after Ubuntu 11.10 the option to install Ubuntu inside windows […]

[Links] Live streaming and updates of 12 September 2012 Apple iPhone 5 Event

apple iphone 5 event

Apple officially announced that they will be arranging an event on 12th September 2012. It is fixed that Apple will be releasing the new version of iPhone or the iPhone 5. There is also a possibility that Apple will be announcing the iPad Mini and iPod 5th gen. But main focus right now is on the iPhone. But sadly Apple has decided not to […]

YouTube app removed from iOS 6, Officially confirmed

ios youtube app removed

Its hot and its officially confirmed. Apple has decided to remove the YouTube app for iOS from the latest beta iOS 6 onwards. As per Apple, they decided to take this action as the YouTube licensing deal with Google has ended. But Apple also confirmed that you will be able to use YouTube on Safari and also […]