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Ujjwal is a part time blogger and blogs at Gadg8news.com . He loves Open Source and hates pirates, not the ones in Caribbean of course! He spends most of his time downloading softwares and trying them out, and often gets viruses out of them. You can tweet him at @ExtraTechnical.

Website: http://www.droidextra.org/
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Meet GooApple 3G, the perfect (nearly) iPhone 4 KIRF!

GooApple 3G

Yeah, we’ve seen many   iPhone 4 KIRFs on the web. But trust me, this one is really awesome. Meet the new GooApple 3G, the best iPhone 4 KIRF out there. Now let’s talk about whats inside this amazing KIRF. It runs a customized version of Android 2.2 FroYo. The interface has been customized to make

[How to] Get Rid of Facebook Spam – Sureshot Solution

Facebook spam

Facebook is spammy, isn’t it? You will be spammed even through Facebook chat! It will be like : Hey!! is this photo yours? OMG! —> http://bit.ly/f64W10 Click on these links and BAM! You are already advertising underwear on your wall or even worse this can share a porn link without your permission spoiling all your

Facebook rolls out new feature, “Question”

Okay, you’ve seen Facebook rolling out many awesome features like the new profile page and the tagging in comments and definitely some horrific features like the new photo viewer. But anyway, this new feature, Question definitely falls under the category of awesome. This new feature lets you ask Questions about anything and everything plus you

Automatically Wish Happy Birthday on Facebook (App)

Forgot to wish your dearest friend or your Girl/Boy-friend on their birthday? How can you do this? I mean how can you do this when there already exists an app to automatically wish Happy Birthday on Facebook to your friends and relatives. Alright, the name of the app is Autobudder, you can configure this app

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play available for Pre-order On Flipkart

Were you waiting for the Sony Ericsson Xperia play? Well your wait is over because Flipkart has started taking Pre-orders. The price displayed on Flipkart is Rs. 32,000 (inclusive of all taxes) & the estimated release date is the 2nd week of April”. As a blogger i wanted to do some research so i just headed over