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Google+ may not be that popular of a social networking platform as compared to Facebook or Twitter but Google+ is still not something no one has heard of today. Google+ is very popular in the blogger and Android community and is gaining more and more popularity. One reason for this could be Google’s back-up feature that runs on all Android devices. This feature uploads, or rather backs up all your pictures and videos onto your Google+ account into a private album where only you can see them. You can then choose which ones to make public.

Google+ also allows you to edit online the uploaded pictures and videos. The videos can be edited using Google+’s “Auto-Enhance” feature and if you don’t know how to use it, this article will show you just that. So just follow these simple steps:

Before starting with the procedure, let us tell you that you can enhance the videos in three ways: on the Web, on your Android device and turning on the auto-enhance feature so all videos uploaded are automatically enhanced. We’ll show you all the three methods:


Locating Videos

After you have signed into your Google+ account on your computer, click on the left hand menu and head to the “Photos” section. Then click on “More” and you’ll see the “Videos” option in the pop-down list. Click on “Videos”. This will show you all the videos uploaded to your Google+ account. Choose the video you want to enhance.

Enhance Videos on Google+
Locating the video

After you have selected the video you want to enhance, click on the “More” option from the top menu and in the list that pops down, you’ll see the option to “Auto-Enhance” the video. Click on this option. Within seconds, you’ll see a side by side comparison of the video before the enhancing and the enhanced version of the video. If you like the enhanced version of the video, just click on “Apply” from the top menu and you’re done.

Enhancing videos on Google+
Enhancing the video


Select the video

Open the “Photos” app on your Android device and open the slide out menu by sliding across the screen from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen. Choose “Videos” from the slide out screen and select the video you want to enhance.

Google+ videos
Select the video

After you’ve selected the video, click on the three dots at the upper right portion of the app which will make a menu pop down. Click on the “Auto Enhance” option and you’re done.

Google+ videos


Automatic feature will enhance all the uploaded videos and pictures by itself. All you need to do is activate the “Automatic Enhance” feature on your Google+ account.

To do this using your Android device, open the “Photos” app and click on the three dots on the upper right portion of the screen. Then go to Settings > Account Name and check the box right next to Auto Enhance.

To do this using a web browser, open your Google+ account and click on settings from the left-hand menu. Then go to Settings and check the bubble under the “Auto-Enhance” menu.

Google+ videos

So this was how to auto-enhance videos in your Google+ account. Leave any queries and your views in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates.

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