Automating Late-Night Downloads

Automating Late-Night Downloads

There is a boom in the number of broadband users in India. And there has been a boom in the service providers battling to gain the customer’s attention. I use BSNL’s DataOne Broadband service. There are also several other Internet Service Providers, and many of them give their users free downloads at unearthly times like 2 o’clock in the morning to 8 am. I personally believe that a major chunk of internet users are those who need to be awake in the morning either because of class or job. Hence the number of night birds using internet for free at these early hours is less.

automate late night downloads

Or is it?
Many people have realized that they can’t stay awake and surf the net for free all through the night, so they use torrent software’s to download games, software’s, movies so that they can watch or use them offline in the morning, without killing their biological sleep clock. But still they have to keep the system on till two in the morning and connect it and then go to sleep. They also have to make sure that the system is shut down before 8, or else these torrent software’s can wreak havoc to internet bills (they involve both downloading and uploading. We shall talk about P2P and torrents in a later post).

Have you faced similar situations? Searching for a remedy or a solution to start the system at 2, run the downloads and shut it down in time? You have a question, and I have the answer.

The Software.

For this Windows Hack, you will have to Hibernate your system, and not shut it down. O.K. And you also need a 3rd party shareware called Auto Power On and Shut Down(APSD). Download it and install, you get a 30 day trial version. For the full version you will have to register it.

This software performs certain user defined actions, based on the system time. We can set the time to power on the hibernate system. Click on New and set the required features as per your need. I have set it to Power On 7 days a week (Daily).

The Batch Files.

We need to create two batch files to connect to the internet and to disconnect it. We will use the command rasdial.

Open a text file and type this.
rasdial ispname username password

rasdial – the command.

ispname – usually DataOne for broadband, this is the display name for your connection. Find it here>> My Computer>Control Panel>Network Connections.

username – your internet username.

password – your internet password.
Save it as Connect.bat

Next we need to make a batch file to disconnect.

Open a new text file and type.

rasdial /disconnect

Save it as disconnect.bat

Now in APSD, set it to open the connect.bat file a little after 2 am. Also set it to open the disconnect.bat file sometime before 8am. And also set it to Hibernate the system after 8am. Done. Now schedule you torrent client (I use Āµtorrent) to download during 2am to 8am. Also make sure your system time is correct so that everything goes on as scheduled. No need of any manual intervention during the entire process.

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  1. ASPD is not free. I have mentioned it to be a 3rd party shareware in the post. I am working on a method to trigger the events without the need of the software. I will append the information as soon as possible.
    Thanks for the comment Krishna.

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