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As you return to school you definitely need to prepare well, whether you’re a freshman in college for the first time or a returning student. Most back to school guides and cheat sheets suggest lots of expensive gear for college students forgetting the little matter of limited finances. The following cost effective tech supplies take this into consideration and provide some of the most affordable yet needed supplies to help you prepare efficiently for the new academic season.

USB flash drives

Every student deserves to have extra storage in a portable USB drive. Files in your iPhone or iPad could get damaged while it’s always cumbersome to have a laptop around. They help bring classwork along, print out documents fast away while away from your living quarters, carry class notes and store randomly required data. Affordable, compact, spacious and reliable, USB flash drives don’t have to be expensive. The following are two well-recommended choices.

Verbatim Pinstripe-USB 3.0 interface with 128GB capacity, it’s one of the most affordable USB drive out there. It costs $27 at Amazon Marketplace and a high capacity flash drive at a great price.

SanDisk Ultra Fit CZ43– Cheap USB 3.0 interface USB stick offering 32GB capacity, portable and very compact. One of those unobtrusive and minute USB sticks perfect for Tablets and laptops, especially if you hate conspicuous USB flash drives that stick out; goes for $6.99 at Amazon Marketplace.


Best Laptops in 2018

It’s almost inconceivable to be in college without a computer and a laptop is a perfect choice. Desks in college are small and compact while you might be needed to take notes in class.  Laptop works every time. Here are two well recommended choices combining affordability and portability with great features pro-student in every way.

Acer Spin 1 (SP111-32N-C2X3)-Comes with a 1080p ideal touch display with an encouraging battery life. The finish is sleek and fits just fine. Include a usable touchpad and practical keyboard with sufficient ports. While it might be a tad heavy and a VGA webcam, performance is okay and storage might not be an issue, especially if you’ve a spacious flash drive or hardly need lots of storage. The price is superb for a student on budget who wants lots of features for less money at only $319 at Amazon.

Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 320-No student has to pay arm and a leg for a laptop, particularly with the Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 320 in the market. Its low price is a huge sigh of relief and long battery life a huge benefit. It comes with features such as card reading microSD and USB-C type of port. Come with a great magnetic connection and small enough to carry around with ease. Include an integrated detachable sleek hybrid perfect for that student who wants both a Tablet and laptop at only $299.99.


Best Printers in 2018

Every college students is alive to the fact that printing assignments, glossy image to stick to the wall, reports and academic documents is a part of college life. A quality working printer is good investment. With dorm rooms compact and tight you don’t need to a gigantic printer; just a compact, affordable, reliable and quality printer that does the job. Here are two most recommended for cost and reliability.

HP DeskJet 1112-At only $30 at Amazon, HP DeskJet 1112 is superbly compact and perfect for small dorm spaces.  It operates on Mac and Windows on either wireless or USB connectivity with enough capacity for 60 sheets of printing paper on the printer’s input tray. At 5.5 color pages every 60 seconds and 7.5 pages every 60 seconds for black the high-yield HP ink cartridge printer is a wonderful choice printing 480 pages smoothly before ink refill is ever needed.

HP Envy 4520-Getting value out of a printer works best for a student and the HP Envy 4520 allows that to happen.  All-in-one printer, it adds scanner and copier to a printer. Ink refills work seamlessly with Instant Ink solution from HP capable of tracking the levels of ink and automatically get you a replacement via mail once the level has gone down. Black pages print at 9.5 every 60 seconds and 6.8 color pages every 60 seconds with a 100 sheet capacity input tray. Wi-Fi Direct and wireless printing ensure you don’t need a network to use the printer from your Tablet or Smartphone via the Smart app by HP.

PDF editor

Back to college mean editing and reviewing lots of PDFs, from white papers, technical data and manuals, schematics, engineering diagrams to technical exhibits. Editing, reviewing and producing hundreds of digital content each week isn’t a long shot. Tools like Adobe Acrobat Pro are superb for big companies with big budgets but not pocket friendly for students. They’re also heavy and slow. For students watching their spending yet desire a top quality PDF editor that operates fast and  does all the things Adobe PDF editor does and much more, WonderShare’s PDFelement comes highly recommended.

WonderShare’s PDFelement

It’s perfect for annotating and editing PDFs, rearranging, deleting and adding PDF pages, converting any document out there into top quality PDF such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint to PDF and vice versa, among other formats. PDFelement element is also swift when it comes to filling out and creating PDF forms and editing text right in the PDF, adding watermarks, cropping, splitting and rotating PDF among hundreds of other functionalities.

It doesn’t slow your Mac or Windows running computer and only cost a one-time fee of $59.95 for PDFelement Standard version without Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or $89.95 for PDFelement Professional version with OCR. No maintenance fees, monthly subscriptions, premium upgrades or subscriptions. You only pay once. Now they are offering back-to-school discount for students and educator at 40% OFF. You can apply the big discount here>>

Mobile Phones

MetroPCS-Getting an affordable phone plan is everything in campus, which offers top LTE data, reliable coverage and great price. MetroPCS does that through dozens of low-cost phone models with BYOD (bring your own device) option as well. Prepaid plans are best at only $40 a month with unlimited text, talk and 6GB 4G LTE data.

Republic Wireless-Offers Android phones and prepaid unlimited text and talk with 2GB 4G LTE data speeds for only $30/month. It’s perfect for students; utilizes WiFi to ensure data use is kept low and reliable. Great for students living on college grounds where WiFi access is assured.


Best Cameras in 2018

Fisheye Baby 110 Bauhaus Edition-Smartphones with powerful pixels have made photography almost common but college students who value quality images need quality cameras for their repertoire. The lomo film Fisheye is perfect, lightweight, portable and small enough to tag along while traveling. Its images are colorful and upbeat and only cost $55.

Instax Mini 8-No matter how complex and upgraded Smartphones and Tablets are they can’t beat or have Polaroid features.  With the Instax you’ve a vintage instant picture producing Polaroid to fire up your Instagram and social media posts. It costs about $70 with online orders assuring more savings. When you want classic images hard to find in the digital age the Instax makes the difference right away.

Smart Wearable

Best Smart Wearables 2018

Xiaomi Mi Band-Wearable gadgets don’t have to be expensive nor do you’ve to report to college without one in the age of chic wearable tech.  With the Xiaomi Mi Band, priced at $23 or $15 if you buy directly from the company online, you’re able to track both sleep and fitness while using a top mobile application with lots of unique features.


Back to school and busy, lively and at times demanding college life can be daunting for the unprepared. This cost-effective tech is top quality, reliable, affordable and useful. You can make your student life easier without spending top dollar.

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