Banned form Adsense, BidVertiser is a Good Alternate

Banned form Adsense, BidVertiser is a Good Alternate

If you are a regular reader of GeniusHackers then you might have noticed there were no Google ads on the for the past 6 months. That’s because GeniusHackers is banned from Adsense. They quoted that this blog violated their guidelines. I wonder how. I’ve always tried to maintain the quality and follow the guidelines by Adsense. Anyway, here is a solution of the problem.

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bidvertiser adsense alternative

I tried adbrite for a few days, and it was serving irrelevant ads and the Cost per Click (CPC ) was very low. recently  I stumbled across a site serving BidVertiser ads, one thing that immediately caught my attention was the ads were very much relevant to the content on that page. You usually see this only with Adsense. I immediately signed up for a bidvertiser account ( You can see the bidvertiser ads at the beginning of this post) and placed their code on GeniusHackers. The results are very encouraging Bidvertiser CPC and CTR are comparable with Adsense.

The best things about Bidvertiser are:

  • You will get relevant ads on your site.
  • You have various ad formats to choose from, you can even have your own custom sizes so that your site look and feel isn’t lost(This feature isn’t available in Adsense).
  • Their minimum payout is 10 USD and you can have your payment via paypal.You can have your payment immediately. Adsense payment system is very annoying. I don’t know why the still stick to that old age methods. My October’s Adsense cheque hasn’t reached me till now, i requested a reissue 6 times but they dint even bother to reply.

You should sign up for bidvertiser if you are banned from Adsense, your site has less traffic and your income is low. Continue with Adsense if you have good traffic and you are not violating their terms.

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14 thoughts on “Banned form Adsense, BidVertiser is a Good Alternate”

  1. i love google Adsense, it enables me to earn money on the websites and forums that i have put up several years ago. if you got tons of websites, you can earn a lot from Adsense alone

  2. i am really very thankful that Google launched the Adsense program. this enables most of us who owns several websites to work at home.

  3. My domain [] also banned by google. Now i am using Adbrite. I will check BidVertiser as alternate

  4. BLOG:
    i dont knw how they r deciding d content of d blog.i have seen such bloggers who have also given fake login pages,email hacking,fake emails nd hell lot of tricks but still google adsense has continued to serve them.They r also nt responding to blogger’s emails sometimes.i have seen so many such cases nd i still dont understand d standard of google.

  5. I have been a regular reader of geniushackers nd i always wondered why r u using bidvertiser.Nw i came to knw.i am also runing a blog.i also would like to hear frm u abt best filesharing website which provides a good income per download.i hate rapidshare,easy-share,megaupload which forces d user to wait if they want to download more than 1 files(many ppl dont knw abt ip spoffing or other methods to download unlimited files.i must consider them also).Recently i came across which is a better hosting service than ziddu.if u have any suggestion nd idea abt this then let me knw.keep up d good works!!!!

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