Barcodes and QR codes have been part of our lives for a long time, they carry a lot of information on a very small place, and these can be used for many of our needs. The thing with these codes is that we tend to ignore them as we feel they are not much important and many people out there don’t know how to read them and make use of them.

QR Code









Both, Barcodes and QR codes carry information, only difference is that Barcodes are 1-Dimensional, the one with lot of straight parallel lines of varying width, which most of us has seen on our daily use products. QR code on other hand are 2-Dimensional and they can store a lot more info as compared to Barcodes.

QR code on Business card

Business cards are getting smaller and tend to carry a lot of information. Previously B-Cards typically included name, designation, company name, logo and contact info like telephone number, email, website etc. But now in present era of social media there are lot more ways you can connect to people. All that info takes up a lot of space on B-Card but question is how you put that amount of data on a small piece of paper. QR code answers all those challenges. As I said earlier QR code carries a lot of info in a very small place, you can put a lot of data on a QR code. There are tons of websites which let you create a personalized QR code.

Example : Just scan the image below and you’ll be prompted to save my contact in your phone. This means you don’t have to create a contact and fill in all that details manually. All you have to do is Scan and tap OK to save. 

You can use any QR code scanner to scan this but I would recommend QR Code Reader by SCAN, INC.

Download QR Code Reader for iOS devices

Download QR Code Reader for Android devices

You would be wondering how I did it. Believe me all i needed was 5 minutes to create this QR code.

Here is how I did it!

  1. I wanted to create and download a QR Code so that I can use it on my B-Card. So I Googled “PNG QR Code generator” (PNG is an Image format) and opened the first result which was qrcode monkey. You can also try The QR Code Generator
  2. I wanted to create QR Code for a vCard which is nothing but a format in which your phone contacts are saved.
  3. Entered the relevant details in the fields.
  4. Changed the color of the QR Code. (Very handy)
  5. Changed the resolution to Max value (40 in this case)
  6. Clicked “Create QR Code” button.
  7. and downloaded the PNG image and used it in my B-Card.

There are lot more options on the website like adding Logo to the QR Code which can be very handy for many people.

You can be much more creative with QR Codes, it has endless possibilities of usage.

I will be posting more parts of this post where I will be talking about other uses of QR Code, so keep posted.

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