Benefits of QuadCore Processors in SmartPhones

While my Desktop PC is still clocked with Dual Core Processor, my Smart Phone has a fancy sounding QuadCore Processor. Every High End Android Phone is likely to be loaded with 4 Core Processors in the coming years.

When Samsung first announced S3 with a QuadCore Exynos 4 processor, everyone was awe-struck and skeptical if there would any virtual use of these Multi CPUs. I’ve made a quick overview of QuadCore processor Benefits

Benefits of QuadCore Processor

Better Battery Life:  I know it might sound stupid, how can multiple CPUs increase battery life. Samsung claims it saves battery by dividing the work load and thereby reducing stress on individual CPUs

But most of the tech experts do not agree with this statement, few claim they are just a waste of batter without any significant benefits

Performance: QuadCore makes multi tasking much easier. Android 4.0 Supports 4 Cores which uses parallel processing to make Multi tasking efficient. But most of the Android Apps aren’t programmed to work with 4 Cores which makes them virtually useless in this case

But it doesn’t offer a diverse performance and speed, it is just slightly faster and the Android interface and widgets are much smoother.

There aren’t any sources of Apple’s plans on implementing Quad Core processor in iOS devices. May be it thinks it is futile and waste of money and battery

One thought on “Benefits of QuadCore Processors in SmartPhones

  • October 22, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Are those the only benefits you were able to find in a quad core processor???

    Guess there are loads..


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