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We have brought you the best health and fitness app for android phones. After reading this post, you will realize that going out for a gym and spending huge amounts of money will now be a waste as I am going to tell you how you can maintain your body and also improve it. The Following list of Health and Fitness apps are so interesting that they will encourage to workout for your body if you are a lazy buddy and if you are a regular Gym goer they will encourage you to continue your regular fitness regime at your very house.

So, it is much better to buy a smartphone rather investing in the stuff here and there. So, go through the following apps, workout and enjoy your fitness.

#1 – Runkeeper Health and Fitness App

Runkeeper Health and Fitness App

If you are the one with normal body tone but you need to workout a little to maintain it, then I tell you running is the best exercise to go with it. Running will burn your little fat around your thighs and tummy, will maintain your calves. Runkeeper helps you in this respect. Runkeeper will track all your essentials like distance you run, speed of running, calories you lost, heart rate, running time duration. This health and fitness app is similar to a treadmill which previously does all this task for you. Now you don’t need a treadmill to keep such tracking of your health statics as now you have Runkeeper. This app will also set your target distance, target running speed, target heart rate while running, events to participate in the near future to maintain to gain health. All these targets can be achieved with regular practice. So just stat by now and don’t waste time. Fill your statics in this health and fitness app and see what it has got for you. This health and fitness app is freeware so you need not invest any money here.

Download Runkeeper

#2 – Jefit

JEFIT-app Health and Fitness App

In Jefit, you will see a muscle body on the screen, you can select any particular body part of your choice to work up on. This health and fitness app will then show you what exercises you need to workout with to gain the strength of that part. Similarly you can choose various body part and likewise this health and fitness app will advice you the exercises concerned with that body part. The app consists more than 500 exercises to workout with. You can also create your own profile and add your image into your profile. This health and fitness app will be a great help to you as now you can easily compare your progress here and also the app will generate your body mass index on its own, no need to enter it. Now, you can with this app on your own build your body the way want. This health and fitness app is available as a freeware as well as a paid one too. The freeware with obvious reasons will be less effective but the paid one is complete.

Download Jefit Free||Paid

#3 – Workout Trainer

workout trainer  Health and Fitness App

The Workout Trainer a bit similar to Jefit. The Workout Trainer provides you a huge list of exercises you can perform to gain health and fitness. List is divided on the basis of various categories. The categories are built according to the various body parts and lets you select a body part to see the exercises concerned with it. Another remarkable feature of this app is that you can view the video of the exercise you want to do. The Video explains how to perform the exercise in the right fashion as doing an exercise in wrong can be quite harmful. So the videos are very helpful. This health and fitness app is good for those who want to do the exercises at home only. Another feature helps you get connected to your friends, that is your social circle and tell them about fitness level so that others get encouraged also. This health and fitness app is completely free.

Download Workout Trainer

#4 – Calorie Counter My Fitness Pal

calorie counter my fitness pal Health and Fitness App

It is not just exercises does it all and rest you can live your life the way you want. It is food, the biggest contributor factor which is equally responsible to gain a particular tone of body shape and style. You cannot neglect your eating habits if you want to become health and fit. This health and fitness app will require your height , weight and gender and afterwards it will tell about the target weight you need to lose or gain to be in a shape. This health and fitness app will get a daily input of all the stuff you eat from yours and will suggest you how to maintain a balance and whether you should increase or decrease the calorie intake. A attracting feature of this app is it has got a bar code scanner. So, now on you can use that bar code scanner to scan the food products before you buy as it will tell you about the calories in the packet you scanned and also whether you should buy it or not. This health and fitness app developers have launched it as a Freeware, so you need not any invest anything in buying this app.

Download Calorie Counter

#5 – Lose It ! App

lose it! app  Health and Fitness App

This health and fitness app Lose It! is like a budget scheme. The app tells you about what to eat and what not to. The app will make you a complete daily chart of thing you can have in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. The app also takes the pain to tell you about the exercises you need to workout to lose the extra gained calorie. Dividing the whole day into different meals breakfast, lunch and dinner and setting up the plans of what to have and when is terrific feature. Also the feature which lets you know how much you need to burn today and accordingly it does for everyday is another marvelous feature. You can form groups of your friends and keep a check on who is following the advice and who is not. The social togetherness is also maintained with this health and fitness app. The app is just a freeware and not at all a bad deal to go for, so grab it fast and get your own dietary plans and don’t forget to share it with your plans.

Download Lose It!

#6 – Fooducate App

Fooducate app Health and Fitness App

This app is similar to calorie counter app when see that it has also got a bar code scanner. But on comparing the two apps, I found that it is quite different to it and the feature is much more enhanced than then in the Calorie Counter. The app is not just a bar code scanner but it also tell you about what the company might be hiding a bit from you. The app provides you with great details of calories and also suggests whether to buy it or not. Rating concerned with the product you just scanned is also listed by the app. When you scan a product, it will also show you the substitutes in case you choose to leave the product. Here again this health and fitness app is free and you need not invest to buy it on the Play Store. So just go for it and scan the products always before you buy them and check whether they are meant for you or not.

Download Fooducate

#7 – Instant Heart Rate App

app instant heart rate Health and Fitness App

Above you have seen what exercises you need to do, what not to, and which food to eat and which not to. Also you saw the ingredients and calorie intake counter apps. But this one is different and you definitely need it. It happens that you run through some distance or you doing some work out and after that you need to know your heart rate, you put your finger on your neck and eyes on the watch. Just leave those traditional ways to know your heart rate. Using this app you just need to put your finger in the front of your smartphone’s camera and the app will observe color changes on your finger which you can’t see with your naked eyes. This health and fitness app will do all the concerned maths and finally display your heart rate. You might not believe, but it is happening. So just go on to the below download link and see yourself. The app is available in two variants, one is free with less features and the other one is paid with advanced features.

Download Instant Heart Rate Free || Paid

#8 – Daily Yoga App

daily yoga app Health and Fitness App

If you more of a yoga type exerciser then this app is specially for you guys. The app has a number of Yoga postures to work for different targeted body parts. The app is very cool for who like to work it on a particular muscle using Yoga. I know, the number of people who love to do Yoga is not all less. Also this health and fitness app will tell you how to do a Yoga exercise and also the time duration you need to do and the number of times to repeat. You need not stare at the phone’s screen to see how to perform it, but a voice narration will help you focus on the exercise instead. The app is quite useful and you will have to download separately for every body part. Below are the concerned download links.

Download Daily Yoga for Abs, Back, Chest, Hips and Butt

If you know any other good health and fitness app, do share with us in the comments.

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