Best Airfare Comparison Websites

Before technology made into our lives, things like travel planning were done through actual humans we called travel agents but their shop didn’t run long enough, Thanks to OTAs or Online Travel Agents. It took your whole process online and served your every need, it still does.

Those of you who have travelled a lot and always prefer an online travel agent, like Expedia, know that these sites are not the best places to find the best deals. On that note, in this article we will talk about some of the best airfare comparison websites which help you compare the fares of different airlines so that you can end up saving a decent amount of money on travelling.

These sites come under the category of meta search engines. They crawl the sites of airlines, OTAs, flight data wholesalers for prices and hit you up with the cheapest and the best option.

Airfare Comparison Sites


This service is considered quite reliable when comparing for fares for both, regular commercial and charter airlines. The site lets you filter flights on various factors like direct flights, departure times, arrival times and if you have any specific airline in mind. Their graphs which show the cheaper days of the month based on the monthly averages can come really handy when in need.

This service is in the go-to list of every traveller and makes sure to hit the browser history of anyone planning a trip to somewhere in the world.


This service is the one which has always given skyscanner a tough competition. What sets Kayak apart from its competitors is the simple-to-use interface. With the simple interface, it has similar kind of filters like Skyscanner.

The best part about this service is that it gets fares of flights which fly to the substitute airport in case the ones you asked for are pricey.

For example, Consider the two airports in Osaka, Japan, the Osaka International Airport and the kansai airport. Flight 1 takes you to the Osaka airport for $100 (let’s say!) and flight 2 takes you to kansai for $70 and kansai and Osaka airports are not too far, so, you are shown the alternative of the other flight which results in cheaper travel.


It is a similar meta search engine like the ones we talked above. Run from Denmark, this fare comparison website comes up with results faster than the ones we have talked about in this article so far and adding to that, it does not open multiple browsers which are confusing and not to mention, extremely annoying.

Cheap Flights

I can’t call this a fare comparison engine, instead, it is a ‘deals’ website which brings up deals from airlines, offline and online travel agents and other outlets which can sell you an air plane ticket for cheap.

Over to You

So, how do you find our list of the best airfare comparison services and if there is anyone of them you already use or plan to use in future, then let us know your views using the comment form below. Also, don’t forget to hit the share buttons and share the article with the people you care about.

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