11 Best Antivirus Softwares for Windows

With so many Trojans and worms all around cyber space ready to attack your system it’s always wise to have the best antivirus solution always ready. Here is a list of some of the best Antivirus Solutions for the Windows platform. These are not arranged in any priority order and there pros and cons are scribed with them, so just read on to decide which one’s for you. If you want a detailed comparison of these antivirus solutions then visit http://www.av-test.org/en/home/ (AV-Test is a third-party organization that tests security applications)

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Norton Antivirus 2012

Pros: Norton Antivirus 2012 is one of the easiest and fastest to install antivirus package in this list.The best part about is that its interface cleverly shields the most complicated components unless you select the advanced view. Norton detects when you connect to the internet over a 3G or mobile network and it stops making any updates that are not essential so that you don’t have to pay your carrier for excess data.Scans your Facebook news feed to discover links to unsafe sites or dangerous downloads.This is the best antivirus for home and small office use.

Cons: Didn’t saw much to object to, its simple to use and one of the best options.

Support : Customer support is available online or by live chat, telephone and email 24/7.

Price: $39.99*

Bitdefender AntivirusPlus bitdefender antivirus

Pros: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is effective at successfully blocking, removing, neutralizing and preventing malware infections.Sans all web, IM and email traffic for malware, and it can encrypt IM chat conversations.Uses a feature called Autopilot to make security-related decisions without prompting you for responses.

Cons: It won’t install if it detects remnants of other security softwares,even malwarebytes. Some users complain it being a resource hog.

Support: In comparison to other anti-virus software, BitDefender provides inferior customer support. Regular updates are available and automatically downloaded by the software itself.

Price: $29.99*

Kaspersky Anti-Virus kaspersky-anti-virus

Pros: According to AV-Test, Kaspersky detects new threats at a 100-percent success rate. This antivirus software is simple to use. Includes parental control.

Cons: It gets very annoying with too many notifications and pop ups.

Support: Customer support is available online or by live chat, telephone and email 24/7. Updates can be downloaded automatically or offline

Price: $59.95*

Panda Antivirus Pro panda-antivirus

Pros: It has a system to protect itself from malware  changing files or entries in the Windows registry. 

Cons: Technical support is limited to email.

Support: Whenever you have a suspicious file in Quarantine, you can send it to Panda for analysis.

Price: $49.99*

F-Secure Anti-Virus f-secure-anti-virus

Pros: To avoid failed installations the installer automatically removes any other antivirus software you have installed, instead of letting you do the job.Uses heuristics, proactive protection, to detect new threats.

Cons: It lacks anti-phishing capability.

Support: Several help articles and a knowledge base. Customer support is available online or by live chat, telephone and email 24/7.Updates every in 2 hr.

Price: $39.99*

AVG Anti-Virus

Pros: AVG Resident Shield, prevents you from opening infected files.Scans links within Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

Cons: No support via telephone. Other than that none that I could find.

Support: Regular updates are available.

Price:$ 34.99*

Avast!Pro AntivirusAvast-Pro-Antivirus

Pros: Includes sandbox which lets you run your browser in a virtual environment so that no malware can affect it. You can also run any software or application you think might be risky in the virtualized environment using sandbox.Avast WebRep browser plugin displays color coded symbols against web search results to warn against harmful links.

Cons: Absence of a anti-phishing tool.

Support: Updates regularly.


G Data AntiVirus G Data Antivirus 2012

Pros: Something that makes this antivirus unique is that G Data AntiVirus uses two separate scanning engines, heuristics and self-learning fingerprinting. No other antivirus uses two separate scanning engines.

Cons: The use of two scanning engines though makes system secure but then affects the system performance badly.Lacks a link scanner and gaming mode.

Support: Updates are performed automatically


BullGuard Antivirus BullGuard Antivirus

Pros: Excellent detection rates. Scores 6.0 out of 10 in AV-Test score for usability.

Cons: Runs a little heavy on resources both RAM and CPU.

Support:Updates automatically.


Avira AntiVir Premium

Pros: Checks for viruses and other malware in sent and received emails. High scanning rate of 17MB/second. Low on system resources.Avira is fully compatible with comodo firewall and defense+ .

Cons: none

Support:Regularly updates.

Price: $23.49*

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Pros: ESET NOD32 Antivirus can create a bootable disk (or USB drive) in case of emergency. ESET’s browser guards are browser-agnostic, and don’t require an extension.So in ESET you won’t get a color coded symbol but the software would block any harmful link if clicked.It consumes the least of system resources even when doing full system scan, thus keeps your system fast.Best antivirus for slow systems and home users.

Cons: User interface is pretty complicated to navigate.

Support:Regular updates. 24*7 customer care support via web,chat and email.


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