ios 8 cydia tweaks and apps

iOS 8 jailbreak is has been available for a long time and if you haven’t yet jailbroken your smartphone then now would be the best time to do it. The reason you need to jailbreak your iOS device is that you can gain complete access and customize your device the way you want using some of the best Cydia tweaks and apps. You can download these Cydia tweaks from the different Cydia repos and sources and install them on your smartphone.

A lot of these tweaks have been released in the past, as soon as the jailbreak was released for iOS 8.0/iOS 8.1 and if you are not sure as to which tweak you should install then this list will help you for sure in deciding what tweak or app you need on your device.

ios 8 cydia tweaks and apps

So here’s a quick roundup of some of the best Cydia tweaks and apps that are updated and compatible with your jailbroken iPhone or iPad running the latest iOS 8/iOS 8.1 version.

Best Cydia Tweaks and Apps for iOS 8

1. BytaFont 2 (Free)

bytafont2If you are fed up with the current fonts on your iPhone/iPad and you want to change them then BytaFont 2 is the tweak that you need to install. With this tweak, you will be able to change the fonts on your smartphone. You can even download many different fonts separately and then apply them to your device.

Repo: ModMyi

2. Winterboard (Free)

winterboardIf you love changing the look and give your smartphone a complete makeover then Winterboard is the best Cydia tweak for you. With many different themes and mods in the tweak, you will be able to customize your smartphone and even change the look of the dock, icons, backgrounds and a lot more.

Repo: BigBoss

3. Vine++ (Free)

vine++We all love sharing videos on Vine and if you have been using it for a while then you would know about the annoying auto-play feature of the Vine app. You can even download Vine videos using this tweak. So if you are using Vine app on your smartphone, then you need to install Vine++ tweak as well.

Repo: BigBoss

4. LockSpeed (Free)

lockspeedIf your business requires you to make frequent calls to your clients then LockSpeed is the Cydia tweak that you need to check out. This tweak adds an extra screen with 9 of your favorite contacts on speed dial. You can access them without unlocking your screen. Swipe left to see these contacts which are shown as avatars.

Repo: BigBoss

5. Alkaline (Free)

alkalineWith this tweak, you will be able to change the icons on the status bar. You can completely change to look of the status bar by changing the WiFi icon and the icon of data indicator, battery and so on. There are a number of themes available as well to change icons of battery and WiFi.

Repo: ModMyi

6. AutoTouch for iOS 8 (Paid – $4.99)

autotouch ios 8This is one of the best Cydia tweaks for your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8. With this tweak, you can basically ask your device to remember all the actions that you are taking on the screen like swiping or tapping and then you can repeat those exact same actions automatically. These can help you to a great extent when you are playing games as you can just record your actions and play them back automatically.

Repo: BigBoss

7. CalcBase (Free)


This tweak can prove useful to people who need calculator every now and then especially students. You can use CalcBase tweak, you can easily switch between bases like binary, decimal, octal or hex.

Repo: BigBoss

8. OSLite8 (Free)


OSLite8 is a very useful app that will delete all the unnecessary files and folders that are automatically created on your device like the temp folders and other similar files. The tweak will remove them automatically but won’t delete any important file from your device.

Repo: BigBoss

9. AlienBlue++ (Free)

alienblue++AlienBlue is the official Reddit application for iOS devices and AlienBlue++ is the Cydia tweak that brings all the features that are missing from the official application. With the tweak installed, you will be able to create memes, download images and videos to your phone and various other things.

Repo: BigBoss

10. No Tracking (Free)

no trackingThere are many apps that track your smartphone data without your knowledge but you can stop them from doing so by installing No Tracking Cydia tweak on your device. As the apps can’t track your private data, it will save your battery life as well.

Repo: BigBoss

These were some of the best and the most essential Cydia tweaks that you need to install on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad running iOS 8/iOS 8.1 and they are compatible.

So do share your views with us about the article and also let us know if we missed out on some amazing Cydia tweaks and apps for iOS 8. Let’s have a chat in the comments section below!

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