5 Best Alternatives to PayPal for Indians

5 Best Alternatives to PayPal for Indians

Best PayPal Alternatives for Indians

PayPal has been one of the most convenient online transaction systems for Indians who are working as a blogger, web designer, internet marketer and freelancers on internet to earn money.

Although the RBI issue with PayPal is completely justified and I agree that if RBI has some problem with PayPal it is must be concerned directly with our country’s economic policies.

Paypal alternatives for indians
Paypal alternatives for indians

So, what can we do now once PayPal is down?

Well you can get the money into your bank account once you receive funds on PayPal within 7 days and then purchase from your debit card which means you are spending in rupees and not in dollars then.

I was wondering what could be the other ways to somehow remove the need for PayPal and then I came upon these 5 best alternatives of PayPal for Indians.

Best PayPal Alternatives for Indian Bloggers, Marketers and Web Designers


2checkout.com has been on the internet for more than 10 years now and has been providing a fast and flexible payment option for every online e-commerce website.

It basically lets you buy on other websites that support 2checkout with your PayPal balance. It acts like your online debit card. It is fast and one of the best alternatives to PayPal for Indian Consumers.

You won’t be able to buy with 2checkout on eBay because eBay has its own Online Payment Manager called PaisaPay.


Alertpay is a popular online transaction service but it is not readily accepted by shopping websites. It is a growing eCurrency website and has interest in many countries.

You cannot buy products online with Alertpay funds since there are not too many shopping websites that has Alertpay as a payment option but if you want to withdraw funds directly to your bank account then Alterpay services are inevitable.

Alertpay directly pays in your bank account without any hassles and the tax is low too.

It has the potential to become a great alternative to PayPal but for that most of online shopping websites like Amazon, eBay etc. must treat it as a good payment option.

Google Checkout

Google checkout is one of the safest and most secure alternatives to PayPal. If you can trust anything blindfolded with your money it is Google Checkout.

Google Checkout is relatively a new service and that is the reason why many people ignore it. It searches products for you so that you don’t have to roam around searching for products and then check whether the website supports Google Checkout.

You can buy with your credit card or debit card on Google Checkout.

Google has kept a directory of all the e-commerce websites that support their payment system. Let’s say you wanted to buy a mobile phone, you search for it using the model number.

Now, Google would search all the stores and show you related products. From here you can easily choose the product you want and then buy it, simple right?


The best feature offered by PayMate is that it doesn’t require the account holder to open a merchant service with a bank. Although its services are limited to only a few country looking from a sellers’ point of view but you can buy with it if you are from India.

PayMate is fast, secure and reliable alternative to PayPal.


This online payment system doesn’t work with every shopping portal only with eBay. As you know, eBay is the biggest e-commerce website on Internet with products from every field.

You can electronics, lifestyle, home and office products all at one place and that what makes PaisaPay a true alternative to PayPal for Indian Users.

For using PaisaPay you would need a bank account and debit card.

Since PayPal has stopped users from buying products online, you can transfer the PayPal funds to your bank and then buy on eBay using PaisaPay.


Xoom.com is another very good online payment processor that enables you to send money from any country to India. It accepts all sorts of Master Cards, VISA Debit Cards etc.

It is a life saver for anyone who runs an online business and was earlier using PayPal as the payment processor. With Xoom.com the client can send money directly to your bank account thus making the transaction quite simple.

You can add this payment processor to your online business and accept funds right at your doorstep because they offer check by courier service.

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45 thoughts on “5 Best Alternatives to PayPal for Indians”

  1. I for one strongly believe it’s time for an alternative to PayPal to come to the fore. Over the years since the founding of PayPal in 1998 by Elon Musk and company it has developed into the primary form of online payment with little to no competition from its competitors. Payoneer is a good try.

  2. You guys should definitely check http://www.Instamojo.com – I think its a much better alternative to any of the above mentioned options. They not only help you sell to your customers/clients directly but also process payments, delivery and remittance.

  3. Memeberchimp.com is an independent portal that takes care of all of your e-commerce needs. It is different because it has simple UI with absolutely $0 setup cost and to add to the treat,there is no monthly fees.There are no long installations and it cuts across boundaries of nations.Accepts payments across the Globe.They provide online payment solutions even in pakistan.They support all the payment options including Paypal, Payza, Moneybookers & Credit/Debit Cards. User makes the payment and they add that amount to your MemberChimp account. Redeem it by paypal, check or bank transfer without any hassles.Easy payment solution
    for every business.

  4. Hey dude! Alertpay has changed to Payza.
    And Payza works fine for bank wire withdrawals to any Indian Bank accounts.

  5. when i checked 2checkout site u need to pay 3.99% of total monthly income + 0.45$ + extra $5.99 per month.

    it is not affordable if u are a beginner to sell goods.

  6. Paypal sucks from a seller’s point of view because if it detects a lot of cash flow is coming to your account in a short period of time, they will freeze your account.

  7. PayPal is a subsidiary of eBay, and as a result it leans toward the buyer in the transaction, in both the fee and buyer complaint arenas. The most fair online payment mode is Google Checkout, it is the one we recommend on our site.

  8. It is the same everywhere. These big bastards can’t stand it if they see someone making money by hard work-content writing is hard work.
    These bastards embezzle in thousands of crores and then like some saint, stay in Tihar, whereas the common man cannot even earn more then 500$ despite having a PAN and paying taxes. What a shit my country is. Ruled by a italian…

  9. hey friends i have a problem. i have a pnb debit card i want tom attach it with paypal to purchase something but it is not accepting this card. can anyone tell me which other banks’d debit card paypaL can accept easily…….

  10. Big companies like infosys, wipro, cts have forced the government to ban paypal transfers, since they found that many of the x employees were becoming freelancers, or where doing freelancing job when working in their companies. They wanted to put a stop to this, and moreover freelancing was eating into their profits.

  11. 2Checkout is one of the best Online Payment Gateway around and the top paypal alternative you can find. Now you can freely open a account with them ( usually it cost around $49 onetime fees ) Check here for the Promo code and details – http://wp.me/pUm33-2fi

  12. I don’t think google checkout is even available in India right now … so, I’m a bit skeptical about how much reliable your information is.

  13. moneyBookers is best alternative for personal transactions.
    Verification is a bit tedious, but fees are very reasonable.

  14. hi , i m from uttar pradesh . i have a pay pal account but i could not attach funds to my e wallet . how ca i fund in my alert pay while i have only sbi & p n b bank account ?

  15. Whatever the reason maybe w.e.f march 1 paypal will no longer be the same 🙁 Alertpay seems a good alternative compared to the limited capabilities of google checkout.I found a good list of different other alternatives at http://paypalalternatives.in.Do check it out!Still hope paypal resolves its issues with rbi !

  16. Yes all these five alternatives are very good, but when we want to buy some thing. we can see only 2 online services were we can pay the money. one is paypal and other is alertpay. so i will shift to alert pay or 2checkout then. thanks for other alternatives. 🙂

    • alertpay is good but not supported by an shopping network and most people don’t send payment via alertpay and if alertpay would grow, rbi would hunt it down too.

  17. I am a graphic designer and design banners, logos, headers etc. The recent changes in the policies of PayPal is really going to hurt all the freelancers who work from their homes. RBI and PayPal should come up with some solutions for this recent changes. And the stricture that all the money accrued in PayPal account should be brought back to India within seven days is really troublesome.

  18. Paypal was forced by RBI
    because people of india were keeping money in paypal account .. which was directly or indirectly being invested in America’s Share Market.
    and giving a rise to the value of $ and decreasing the Rs Value..

    To bring back the indian money to indian banks this was the very necessary step

    • Thats not true, how many people keep more than 1000$ in paypal for more than a month?

      If paypal investing our money in US market is the only reason, why the rule that we cannot make any purchase through paypal balance.

      It’s because they dont have control over the transactions happening through payapl, so they cant collect tax on our hard earned money.

      The RBI should use their resources in bringing the black money in SWISS to India, rather than wasting them in collecting pennies from us.

      • if you want to use your own brain then use
        the fact remains!
        contact the bank manager of your bank regarding this issue , you will get the reason .

      • the fact is , all the money must be transferred to indian bank to improve indian economy and to avoid the money of indians from getting invested to usa market ..now if all the money will be transferred then how can you purchase using your paypal balance??? that is why paypal also created a rule, “Papal balance cannot be used to buy products”

        If there is no rule of keeping money in paypal then purchasing goods using paypal bal. is not possible.. i think it cleared your confusion

        • IF RBI really want to get money to india, then they should think about freelancer who transact via paypal. RBI should make site that will take it’s tax and balance should transfer to our account. So Indian economy will raise and freelancer like us will not hurt.

    • you can easily buy products using paypal balance and evade taxes… income taxes of course. that is what pinching rbi.

  19. Nothing can replace paypal

    4 Points to be with paypal and not change to any other

    1) 90% of the sites pay via paypal, they don’t pay on alertpay or other
    2) Paypal is accepted almost every site.
    3) If you will purchase goods you will get the option of paypal and CC/DC, but not alert pay and other….
    4) about 30% of sites accepts payments via other except paypal.

  20. Good article Rakesh and you have really mentioned valuable PayPal alternatives.

    But personally I think currently PayPal can’t be replaced at many places e.g there are many affiliate systems those offer payment only via PayPal such as Elegant Themes.

      • I was having problems with PayPal too. Then I found@Ask PayPal on Twitter. I told him/her of my problem and he asked me to follow him so that DM can be done.Within 2 months, tweets solved my problems. You can try it if you want. Money Booker’s commission has gone up

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